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shincha sencha

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April 2022 harvest
April 2022 harvest
April 2021 harvest
April 2021 harvest
shincha sencha
Our 2022 Sencha Shincha is a delight for sencha enthusiasts. Its lightly steamed (asamushi) style preserves crisp floral notes, while still offering the classic and treasured umami notes for which sencha is revered. Hailing from Shizouka Prefecture, home of Mount Fuji, this tea was masterfully grown and processed to yield complexity in the form of sweet grass, warming nut notes, and the lingering nuance of apricot blossoms. Sip slowly and sit quietly with this tea to fully enjoy its riches.

In the Japanese tea tradition, the texture of the tea itself is extremely important. At the end of the tea making process, the tea master will carefully blend in tiny, broken up 'tea dust' to give the finished cup more body and richness. You can actually see these particles when you scoop out your tea. You also see them in your cup - Sencha should have a lovely, slightly cloudy appearance. This contributes to the 'umami' of the tea (the 5th taste - the others being sweet, salty, sour and bitter). Taste and enjoy the added richness umami gives your cup of tea.

Green Tea | Moderate caffeine | Steep at 165° for 2 minutes.
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Renowned for its unparalleled views of Mt. Fuji, Shizuoka is a prefecture situated on Honshu's Pacific coast. As the largest tea producing region in Japan, Shizuoka is responsible for growing approximately 40% of the ocha, or green tea.

Shizuoka is home to unique terrain, mineral-rich soil, four distinct seasons, and adequate rainfall with dense coastal fog; all of the necessary elements for growing exceptional tea. Green tea plantations in Shizuoka date back to 1241 when a monk by the name of Shoichi Kokushi planted green tea seeds there that he has obtained while on a trip to China.

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