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There once was a young Japanese girl named Sadako who dreamed of running races when she grew up. One day she began to suffer the symptoms of leukemia - a result of the atomic bomb that had been dropped on her city of Hiroshima. In despair she remembered the story of the crane. The crane is supposed to live for one thousand years, and if a sick person folds one thousand paper cranes in his likeness they will become well again.

Sadoko began folding and kept going even as she became more and more frail. She was determined to finish. The young girl was overcome however and died before completing her goal. Her friends finished the task for her making 356 paper cranes so that she could be buried with 1000.

A few years later a statue was erected in her name as a monument to all the children who were killed by the atomic bomb. On Peace Day garlands of paper cranes are hung about her statue.

Each paper crane below represents one Japanese tea purchased. Please help us reach our goal of 1000 cranes.