formosa ali shan

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formosa ali shan
Ali Shan is a beautiful green oolong tea grown in the mountains of Taiwan, where high altitude slows plant growth, concentrating in its leaves great complexity and flavor. Its aroma is buttery and intoxicating floral, reminiscent of lilacs, the mark of an excellent green oolong. The golden-green liquor yields a layered, almost creamy cup, with notes of sweet honeysuckle and a whisper of dry finish. Our Formosa Ali Shan may be steeped many times.

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Formosa, meaning 'beautiful island', is what Dutch traders called Taiwan. The teas grown here, mainly north of Taipei, continue to be called as such. Tea can be harvested up to six times a year here, although the high mountain teas may be only twice a year. Oolong tea had been a very important export for the island until the 1980's, when tea growers turned their focus to native oolong enthusiasts. Today, oolong tea is mainly produced for tea lovers in Taiwan, and the rarest, most prized lots are extremely difficult to find in the U.S. Tea culture is so alive and well in Taiwan, annual competitions are held amongst tea growing districts to reward the most outstanding oolongs each year. Gold medal winning oolongs are some of the most expensive in the world.

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makes 10 cups
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I have tried to steep this tea more than once, but it turns out very weak. Any suggestions?
Asked by Jan Underwood
on Dec 11th '16

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