Valerie B Blends

photo of candy cane cocoa
candy cane cocoa
by Valerie B
chocolate chip, vanilla, peppermint
photo of chocolate chip cookies
chocolate chip cookies
by Valerie B
chocolate chip, cinnamon, vanilla
photo of cranberry chai
cranberry chai
by Valerie B
rooibos vanilla chai, cranberry, spiced apple chai
photo of first kiss
first kiss
by Valerie B
strawberry, summer rose, vanilla
photo of fruit farm
fruit farm
by Valerie B
dewy cherry, fruit medley, raspberry patch
photo of Reindeer in July
Reindeer in July
Score: 99
by Valerie B
chocolate chip, peppermint, toasted mate
photo of summer morning
summer morning
by Valerie B
citron green, ginseng green, raspberry green
photo of Sweet Dream
Sweet Dream
by Valerie B
almond, caramel, cream
photo of Tart Berry Cobbler
Tart Berry Cobbler
by Valerie B
raspberry, cream, blackberry