Chainsaw Man by Milo Christensen

"So this is what Makima-San tastes like..."
I absolutely adore Fujimoto Tatsuki's works. While Chainsaw Man isn't over, it certainly left a void in my heart when part 1 ended (One that I filled with Fire Punch, another Fujimoto work). I hope you all enjoy. Especially those who are currently following the storyline through the anime. You're in for a ride, my friends.

photo of Power
by Milo Christ...
strawberry, hibiscus
photo of Aki Hayakawa
Aki Hayakawa
by Milo Christ...
vanilla, blackberry, kukicha
photo of Denji
by Milo Christ...
ceylon sonata, mango, coconut grove pouchong
photo of Makima
by Milo Christ...
currant, raspberry, vanilla
photo of Himeno
by Milo Christ...
earl grey moonlight, blueberry, rooibos vanilla chai
photo of Kobeni
by Milo Christ...
cocomint green, vanilla green, chestnut
photo of Reze
by Milo Christ...
gunpowder, hojicha, calypso green
photo of Quanxi
by Milo Christ...
passionfruit, blood orange, honeybush
photo of Quanxi's Women
Quanxi's Women
by Milo Christ...
mango, coconut grove pouchong, citrus mint green
photo of Santa Claus
Santa Claus
by Milo Christ...
chocolate, vanilla, candy cane