D20 Dads by Kayla C.

For the Dads who know how to roll
These are fan made flavors based off a popular podcast called Dungeons and Daddies.

photo of CoachDad
by Kayla C.
chocolate chai, vanilla green, rooibos vanilla
photo of Dad Master
Dad Master
by Kayla C.
earl grey moonlight, almond, valentines
photo of EmotionallyDetatched Step-dad
EmotionallyDetatched Step-dad
by Kayla C.
hibiscus, lemongrass, rooibos
photo of HippyNatureDad
by Kayla C.
chamomile, foxtrot, fruit medley
photo of ImposterDad
by Kayla C.
pu-erh tahiti, masala chai, turmeric bliss
photo of RockNRollCoverDad
by Kayla C.
pu-erh chorange, chocolate, oriental spice