Christmas Cookies sampler

by Cara McGee

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Chocolate Chip

A classic favorite cookie, popular during the holidays but lets be honest you'll stuff these in your face all year long. When you get a cookie craving but might need a little break, maybe try some tea instead.
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Coconut Macaroon

Oh man I am a sucker for these cookies. All things coconut flavored actually. You're all lucky I don't have like, 50 different coconut teas. Merry Christmas.
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Sugar Cookie

I have had sooooo many different variations of the classic sugar cookie over the years, but this blend is inspired by my favorite: sweet and vanilla-y with just a slight lemony undertone. So yum. Feel free to indulge and add lots of milk to this cup of tea.
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Gingerbread Cookies

Okay so maybe it's cheating just a little bit to have one of the teas in this blend be gingerbread but WHAT OF IT. THIS IS STILL A DELICIOUS COOKIE TEA.
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Oh man, roasty toasty cinnamon-y and delicious Snickerdoodles.
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Jam Thumbprints

One of my personal favorite holiday cookies--I'm a sucker for the subtly sweet cookie base topped with homemade fruit jams.