Tales And Tea Leaves sampler

by Aun-Juli Riddle

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The White Tea of Kings

A beautiful soft tea with a lingering full-bodied taste that develops with each sip. Earthy, floral, and a hint of spice.
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Wizard's Grey

Full of deep flavor, this tea combines Earl Grey Moonlight and chocolate for a smooth, richness with an edge of blackberry for a thoughtful finish.
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Second Breakfast

What's better than breakfast? Second breakfast, of course! This tea is perfect for a second round of breakfast with the taste of apple and layers of beautiful spice smoothed out with cream.
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A sweet blend of vanilla, cream, and tart blueberry creates an aromatic, soft taste. Blueberry scones, anyone?
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One cup is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man! But you can't just have one cup of this soft, sweet tea, and you should probably brew more than one just because it's delicious.
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barrels of tea

A barrel is no place to keep a dwarf, unless you intend to feed him more than apples. This blend is a slap in the face with spicy apple taste and then a cool, swift river of vanilla to even it all out.