Game Of Thrones sampler

by Aun-Juli Riddle

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Stark Winterbrew

There's a chill in the air... no... Winter is here. Warm yourself and celebrate your loyalty to the House of the Direwolf by drinking this spicy, strong, and smooth blend.
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Lannister Royal Tea

Bask in the light of your gleaming gold while you drink this rich, strong blend. Accented with fire, share how hot your loyalty is for the House of Lannister by drinking this tea fit for royalty.
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Drogon's Revenge

A powerful, spicy blend full of smoke and bittersweet dreams.
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Rhaegal's Fire

Smoldering with spice, this is a sweet blend that will lure you into it's fiery blast. Don't worry, though it's spicy, you won't mind the smooth finish.
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Viserion's Bane

A tiny bit fruity and a little nutty, beware of the spicy flavor this blend will blast.
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Targaryen Spirits

A sweet and fiery blend with a little something extra.