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photo of pu-erh poe
pu-erh poe
score: 90
40¢ / cup
photo of pu-erh chorange
pu-erh chorange
score: 94
17¢ / cup
photo of campfire s'mores
campfire s'mores
score: 90
15¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Valeria
Score: 99
by Caitlyn Lig...
black cherry, raspberry, rooibos orange
photo of Altan
by Caitlyn Lig...
pu-erh spice, rooibos vanilla chai, peach bellini
photo of Genom
Score: 99
by Caitlyn Lig...
caramel, gunpowder, chamomile


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Latest Reviews

Aug 19th '21
This was so so delicious, the berry flavors come through bright and vibrant and the natural sweetness of the Honeybush tea really helps them pop! I added a little sugar as well but thats just because I have a sweet tooth - this tea is plenty flavorful without the additional help!
Aug 16th '21
The CommuniTEA is such a great option for trying a little bit of everything - admittedly, there have been some teas that have come up that fell flat for me, but that's mostly just due to personal taste (my aversion to coconut and pineapple being the biggest factor here), I'm still grateful for the opportunity to try everything! For me, this box really shines when you get the opportunity to try some of the fandom blends made by some of the brilliant users on this site, I've added more than just a few different blends to my wishlist because I got to try them first! Definitely a fan, and super excited to see what comes in the fall season
Aug 16th '21
I. love. this. Chai. I love it SO MUCH. It's such a fun one to sip, you get the little kick of spice and the rest of the mouthful is a smooth ride - I haven't even tried it with the traditional Chai steeping methods but I'm so excited to, definitely a permanent addition to the shelf!
Jul 29th '21
all three of these teas are so beautiful and so distinct, I get such a moment of zen tasting and picking which one should go into whatever tea I've got steeping at that time. The tupelo has easily been the more versatile in all the teas I drink (lots of floral and fruity teas), but I really loved the sourwood with a summer rose/raspberry/almond blend I have! One day I'll find a suitable suitor for the manuka honey, might just pull out my favorite chamomile blend to really do it justice. Beautiful flavors in this sampler!
Jul 29th '21
this honey has been so delicious in such a wide variety of the teas I've used it for, I absolutely love the pairing and love the way that it complements the flavors of by favorite blends. Will definitely be getting more!
Jul 13th '21
smooth and mellow, I love this tea! On its own, mixed in with other blends, it's a fabulous flavor if you love red rooibos - current favorite combo is this and Irish Breakfast!
Jun 29th '21
This tea took a little patience but it was worth the wait! I prefer a stronger flavor in my teas so waiting the 10 minutes for this steep was a necessary evil - I'm glad I did though, with a little sweetener the flavors of this blend really shine.
Jun 28th '21
I am so infatuated with this tea, I love how versatile and forgiving it is! I've brewed this tea on its own, mixed with herbal teas, for 5 minutes or for 10 minutes, and it tastes amazing every time! So smooth and great flavor no matter how long you steep it, definitely a favorite.
Jun 28th '21
Absolutely love these for my teas! Great for sweetening the flavor of the tea itself without overpowering it with an actual sugary taste the way you get with white sugar or alternative sweeteners like Stevia - love both of those options, but I love having this option more for when I want to bring out the existing flavors and let them shine
Jun 28th '21
Not much to say other than they're a great addition when I'm looking for a little something extra for my tea! Ended up ordering the sample jar since I only needed a small amount while I've been playing with mixing blends at home, but 3oz gets you a good amount of cloves! Definitely will last me a good while
Jun 28th '21
This is an amazing and versatile tea - my recent fixation has been blending teas together at home, and this is such a great base when I want something smooth and creamy for a foundation. Current favorite combination is adding this to Rooibos Caramel and Pu Erh Spice!
Jun 28th '21
They're not kidding with the claims that this tastes like chocolate dipped strawberries! This tea was great on its own, and has been great in all the blends I've been throwing it into (adding other teas like Almond, Vanilla, Almond AND Vanilla, Chocolate - anything that also has a 3 minute steeping time). You definitely do need to add a bit of sweetener to get rid of some of the bitterness, but a bit of sugar or a spoonful of rock salt does the job just fine. Great tea if you've got a sweet tooth!
Jun 7th '21
great flavors that combine really nicely and smell fantastic. I do wish they came through a little stronger, but it is a green tea so you're definitely getting more of a gentle brew
Jun 7th '21
great flavor, the marzipan really lifts up the cherry and they pair great together. I'm a stronger brew kind of person and let it steep closer to the 5 minute mark, and it ended up pretty robust. Will definitely be getting more of this blend.