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photo of earl grey moonlight
earl grey moonlight
Rating: 96
15¢ / cup
photo of white peach
white peach
Rating: 95
24¢ / cup
photo of matcha raspberry
matcha raspberry
Rating: 94
65¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
by Mallow
summer rose, cherry green, dewy cherry
photo of Langa Hasegawa
Langa Hasegawa
by Mallow
cream, vanilla, blueberry
photo of Reki Kyan
Reki Kyan
by Mallow
fiery cinnamon spice, rooibos vanilla chai, cranberry


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Latest Reviews

Jun 27th '21
Smells really nice! I’m very happy about the purchase. :)
Apr 25th '21
One of my favorites so far! Beidou was my first experience with gunpowder tea, which it went so amazingly with everything. A complex but an amazing blend. I have had ttrieed it with honey and white sugar, where I personally prefer the sugar. It represents Beidou really well, I highly recommend this blend! :) (3 mins @ 195°F)
Apr 25th '21
In-between great and good for this one. It's a very comforting tea on a cold day, ideally with breakfast. It will help you warm up with delicious chocolate with cinnamon flavour. It's a really nice blend, that smells very nice too. I added some sugar to my cup of tea, which went very well with the blend. :) (3 mins @ 212°F)
Apr 19th '21
!! I had 3 mins and 30 seconds !! A fruity tea with a great fragrance, it's an amazing blend and I'm looking forward to trying to make iced tea with it. I added some sugar to mine, which enchanced the taste (Primarily strawberry for me). This tea blend suits Diona very well. :) I recommend that you put some of the apple pieces from the tea blend on top of your tea. (4 mins @ 212°F)
Apr 13th '21
A great tea blend!
It’s gentle, light and delicate.
I am usually not a big fan of coconut, but I still thought of this as really good. :)
This tea had a great smell and taste, I recommend using a little sugar in it. (3 mins @ 200°F)
Apr 9th '21
A nice spice tea, but not as spicy as I thought it would be. Not one of my favorites, but it is still a nice tea blend. Maybe it is because of me adding a bit of honey, that I had a bit of a hard time tasting the white chai / tiger eye but I dont know. :) It has a nice smell, as well as it's taste. (3 mins @ 205°F)