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photo of earl grey moonlight
earl grey moonlight
score: 96
15¢ / cup
photo of brigadoon breakfast
brigadoon breakfast
available Feb 2024
photo of cha cha
cha cha
score: 94
14¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of ISBW: Reread
ISBW: Reread
by Mur Lafferty
green chai, white chai, ginseng green
photo of ISBW: Morning Pages
ISBW: Morning Pages
by Mur Lafferty
earl grey bravo, earl grey moonlight, spiced apple chai
photo of ISBW: Sprint!
ISBW: Sprint!
by Mur Lafferty
lapsang souchong, pu-erh spice, masala chai


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Latest Reviews

Jul 8th '20
I love everything about this except after you let the tea steep, when you turn it over and press the button to open the mug, it pops open with an alarming buildup of steam. It's a safety hazard if you don't pay attention.
Jul 8th '20
My family loves Foxtrot but frankly I was getting tired of it and wanted to try another nighttime tea. Lavender Lemon is glorious, and has just enough floral to be comforting without feeling like you're drinking fancy bathwater. (Not a fan of floral teas.)
Mar 6th '20
By far my favorite green tea, even better than silver needle.
Mar 6th '20
Can we review the tea that's only available every four years? I admit bought it mostly because of the novelty, but it is definitely delicious. I am putting a note in my calendar to stock up next Feb 9.
Sep 28th '16
Was looking for some good bedtime teas that weren't just straight chamomile. This blend is straight up wonderful. Bonus- my husband had a sore throat when I made it and he said it was very soothing. Highly recommended.
Jan 12th '16
One of my top five teas. Light, with a lovely flowery taste. Always running out.