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Willow’s Morning
Score: 90
by Christopher...
earl grey moonlight, cream, blueberry


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Nov 16th '22
I ordered this to try when I’m struggling with my breathing. I’m an asmatic, and at times it flares up, and I like to find natural ways try And help. This works well to open up my breathing and it’s calming as well.
Nov 16th '22
This is my favorite green tea. Full of flavor, a little sweetness and a beautiful finish. It’s a perfect afternoon tea.
Nov 16th '22
I’ve given this to a few friends as a gift, and they’ve all loved it. If you love easy, delicious iced tea, this is a must try.
Nov 16th '22
I have two of these. One for home and the other at work. They are perfect for brewing up a cup quickly and simply. I hand wash mine and they’ve remained perfect.
Nov 16th '22
This is a lovely, rich chai delight. I love as an afternoon relaxer, or on the weekend mornings with a warm bagel
Jul 8th '21
I use this on every black tea I make. It’s perfection…
Jul 8th '21
My favorite light and refreshing tea for afternoons.
Jul 8th '21
The best black tea out there! Love this so much. It’s rich and wonderful.
Jul 8th '21
This is the best iced tea I’ve ever had. I’ve shared it with friends and family and all agree. It’s rich and has a beautiful hint of cream flavor.