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photo of yunnan gold
yunnan gold
42¢ / cup
photo of golden monkey
golden monkey
32¢ / cup
photo of earl grey bravo
earl grey bravo
score: 95
15¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Jack's Health
Jack's Health
Score: 99
by K C
berry blast, berry blues, sour apple
photo of Bellamira
Score: 99
by K C
cocomint green, vanilla green, citrus mint green
photo of Gunter's Tea Shop Blend
Gunter's Tea Shop Blend
Score: 99
by K C
earl grey moonlight, orange, lemon soleil


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Messages for K:

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Jun 29th 2022 | Public Msg
Marlicia said:
Thank you for the trade. I hope you enjoy. God bless...
user icon
Jul 1st 2022 | Public Msg
Sue said:
Gorgeous teapot. I love the picture of the adorable pup too. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.
user icon
Jul 20th 2022 | Public Msg
Linda said:
Thank You, K for the trade enjoy!
user icon
Sep 19th 2022 | Public Msg
Nancy said:
Thanks so much for a perfect trade. That was the final card I needed for a sample!
user icon
Sep 26th 2022 | Public Msg
Karen said:
Thanks for the trade !

Latest Reviews

Sep 26th '22
A light and refreshing green tea that has a pleasant taste of citrus and mint. It comes in easy to use portions.
Sep 19th '22
A fruity and refreshing blend. The mango taste dominates the green tea. It is a good afternoon tea because of the low caffeine.
Sep 15th '22
I like green tea and I like Earl Grey tea and they taste pretty well together but they do not blend well together.
Sep 15th '22
A light, refreshing and calming infusion blend. It comes in easy to use tea bags that work well with my iced tea pitcher.
Aug 3rd '22
A spicy herbal blend with a mild vanilla taste. It can be enjoyed anytime because it is caffeine free.
Aug 3rd '22
A nice calming scent that is not overpowering when the candle is lit.
Jul 23rd '22
A light and refreshing blend with a mild melon and watermelon flavor
Jul 18th '22
A sweet fruity tea that is very refreshing in hot weather,
Jul 18th '22
High quality white tea with a pleasant smell and taste. I used 2/3 of the cookie with 16 oz of water,
Jul 12th '22
Refreshing with a mild grapefruit flavor. The teabags are great for cold brewing.
Jul 11th '22
A refreshing fruity oolong. The sage gives it a unique taste.
Jul 11th '22
A high quality black tea that tastes really good. It is good either hot or cold.
Jul 7th '22
A refreshing blend of citrus fruit and mint. It makes a great afternoon tea because it has lower caffeine than black tea.
Jun 29th '22
A good quality rooibos that tastes great when mixed with other flavors.
Jun 26th '22
A tasty coconut flavored tea with chucks of coconut. It can be enjoyed either hot or cold. It is very refreshing cold.
Jun 22nd '22
A white tea blend that tastes primarily of rooibos with mild fruit flavors.
Jun 21st '22
A light blend of green and white tea with a dominant chamomile flavor and a mild fruity flavor.
Jun 20th '22
A good balance of ginger and peach make a black tea that is good either hot or cold.
Jun 19th '22
An interesting blend of ingredients that tastes good either hot or cold.
Jun 14th '22
An enjoyable green tea that has a mild cherry flavor. It tastes even better mixed with other blends.
Jun 13th '22
A enjoyable fruity pu-erh tea that can be enjoyed either hot or cold.
Jun 13th '22
A delicious tasting tea that gets more flavor when it cools down. It tastes great on its own either hot or cold.
Jun 11th '22
A refreshing tea with a delicious apricot flavor. The low caffeine makes a good tea for afternoons.
Jun 11th '22
A blueberry infusion that tastes good and is refreshing when cold.
Jun 7th '22
A excellent chai blend that comes in convenient teabags that make cold brewing very easy.
Jun 6th '22
This blend can be drunk hot or cold. It has a strong mate flavor and a mild citrus flavor.
Jun 4th '22
An infusion that tastes great cold and can be drunk anytime because it is caffeine free.
Jun 3rd '22
A simple and tasty black tea with a strong cream flavor.
May 30th '22
A delicious raspberry tea that has a pleasant smell and a beautiful red color.
May 29th '22
A light fruity tea with the delicious combination of coconut and pineapple.
May 28th '22
An herbal blend that tastes primarily of chamomile.
May 24th '22
The tea would taste so much better without the chili peppers. All they do is create a burning sensation on my tongue.
May 23rd '22
A tasty black tea. The hibiscus adds the right amount of tartness.
May 22nd '22
The big tea bags make it easy to brew in my iced tea pitcher. A very refreshing fruit infusion for a hot day.
May 21st '22
A fruity white tea that is light and very refreshing.
May 20th '22
A very tasty blend of fruits that work well together.


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