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earl grey lavender, grapefruit, summer rose


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Jun 24th '22
I absolutely live this tea. Peach is one point and the ginger is there but in a perfect world it'd be spicy w/ ginger.
Mar 28th '21
I'm a fan of hibiscus and was initially put off by this based on smell. Opening the package it's almost a mocha smell and steeped it does have a mocha hint to it. What it reminds me of is chocolate covered craisins.
Mar 28th '21
You think this would be overpowered by the coconut but far from it. Everything in this compliments well and creates a nice treat. Go ahead and get the 4oz for the fun tin but do yourself a favor and just get the 16oz.
Mar 28th '21
I was impressed with this. Opening the package you're hit with an intense peach smell but not over powering. Steeping cold overnight it comes out more of a subtle peach taste.
Oct 1st '20
I'm a big fan of lavender so I was excited to try this but it was kind of a let down for me. I'm not really picking up lavender at all and there's an almost over powering artificial vanilla flavor going on.
Oct 1st '20
Has a kind of honey smell and I expected more of a ginger presence. It's good but I'm looking a ginger heavy tummy tea.
Oct 1st '20
I really enjoyed this, the orange peel is a nice touch.