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photo of Eileen the Crow
Eileen the Crow
by Chthonic Song
vanilla oolong, almond oolong, maple creme oolong
photo of Moon Presence
Moon Presence
Score: 99
by Chthonic Song
earl grey moonlight, pomegranate, blood orange
photo of The Plain Doll
The Plain Doll
Score: 99
by Chthonic Song
ginseng green, lychee rose green, chamomile


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Messages for Chthonic:

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Aug 6th 2021 | Public Msg
Colleen said:
Your tea cup today is beautiful
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Aug 12th 2021 | Public Msg
Jaime said:
Congrats on the photo win yesterday. Love that cup!
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Aug 13th 2021 | Public Msg
Sue said:
Chthonic, Congratulations on the photo win.
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Aug 14th 2021 | Public Msg
Carrie said:
Congrats on your photo win!
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Aug 20th 2021 | Public Msg
Christine said:
Congrats on your photo win for Aug 11th! Are those radishes?

Latest Reviews

Aug 17th '21
It is refreshing to get a tea with no frills or added flavors; just the gentle flavor of the leaves in their surprising complexity. This white tea steeps to a delicate taste with grassy, faintly sweet and floral notes, honeysuckle fragrance on a light breeze. Clover honey is an adequate sweetener for the flavor profile, helping to draw out the sweet nectars of the notes.
Aug 15th '21
A simple tea combining rich black tea flavors with the tangy punch of hibiscus. It’s worth it to baby this one at a lower temperature to tone down the dry finish of the black tea, bringing forth juicy, citrus flavors and floral notes. Take some time to appreciate the color of this tea as well - hibiscus steeps to a gorgeous ruby red.


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