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photo of Spikefruit Tea
Spikefruit Tea
Score: 94
by Lindsay Fra...
white eternal spring, peach bellini

Signature Blends

photo of The Dungeon Master
The Dungeon Master
by Victoria R.
ginseng green, lychee rose green, dragon fruit dream
photo of Percival De Rolo
Percival De Rolo
by Victoria R.
gunpowder, earl grey green, berry blues
photo of Pike Trickfoot
Pike Trickfoot
by Victoria R.
peach oolong, grapefruit oolong, blood orange


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Nov 19th '20
This is a nice black tea with hints of fruity goodness. Steeped correctly, this offers the strong and true taste of black tea, leaving the taste of the raspberry and pomegranate in your mouth. I'm a fan of this one!