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photo of golden monkey
golden monkey
score: 95
32¢ / cup
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earl grey bella luna
score: 96
15¢ / cup
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campfire s'mores
score: 90
15¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Monster High - Draculaura
Monster High - Draculaura
by Stella Lilie
currant, blood orange, decaf raspberry
photo of Crescent Wand - Sailor Moon
Crescent Wand - Sailor Moon
Score: 90
by Stella Lilie
almond, valentines, honeybush banana nut
photo of Code Lyoko - Aelita Schaeffer
Code Lyoko - Aelita Schaeffer
Score: 99
by Stella Lilie
summer rose, white eternal spring, honeybush vanilla


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Latest Reviews

Oct 5th '21
I opted to just buy a small sample of this since reviews seem to be split between 'Amazing' and 'Horrible'. As someone who has wanted to get the health benefits of Matcha tea but never really vibed with the taste, I think this is a great way to sneak those antioxidants and heart healthy benefits into your routine in a more palatable way. I had this with plain hot water and it was just alright. I liked it enough to finish the mug, and knowing I chose a healthy alternative made me feel good, but I personally wouldn't crave this. I want to give it another shot, and try dressing it up a bit with my baking/food flavorings (I think either cherry, orange, or vanilla extract would be perfect for balancing out the earthiness of Matcha & bitterness of the chocolate). Thanks for reading!
Mar 2nd '21
I bought these for a friend since she didn't have her own tea infuser and she says they work great! She said they made brewing tea very easy and mess-free, so I think I'll have to order a box of these for myself sometime!
Mar 2nd '21
Love this tea! The blue hue is so vivid and unique, and the taste is really nice and citrusy. I usually save this for when I have friends over to make them feel special, since this tea is so rare and beautiful! I did taste a little blueberry, but bright lemongrass is the main attraction in terms of flavors. Such a magical tea experience! <3