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photo of earl grey moonlight
earl grey moonlight
score: 96
15¢ / cup
photo of pu-erh chorange
pu-erh chorange
score: 94
17¢ / cup
photo of berry creme compote
berry creme compote
score: 95
15¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Idiot Scientist
Idiot Scientist
Score: 99
by Dex
earl grey bravo, earl grey moonlight, earl grey lavender
photo of Naru x Mai
Naru x Mai
Score: 99
by Dex
wild strawberry, dragon fruit dream
photo of Mai
by Dex
almond, cream, peach


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Latest Reviews

Jan 25th '21
Really lovely blend. Such a delight drinking this during the full moon, or any time. I like to save it for full moon rituals!
Dec 29th '20
Wonderful to unwind with! Not too overpowering but a bit on the sour side. I didn't really get much lavender from this
Dec 12th '20
The smell of this in the bag was quite nice, and the first thing I noticed after brewing was the beautiful rose pink color. The aroma was beautiful and like hot mulled cider, but unfortunately the taste wasn't so great. The only thing I (very oddly) liked was that the taste reminds me a bit of the smell of rain... Never thought that would be a taste I like, but there it is. Wish it had less cinnamon. I don't like cinnamon in my tea though, so that's a personal preference. A bit too tart for my tastes, and I can imagine easily overheating the water and ending up with terribly sour tea. I'll pass on the full size for this one.
Dec 10th '20
I tasted pecan and caramel. It was subtle and smelled more sweet than it actually was, which I thought was perfect. It's easy for caramel flavor to overpower, but this definitely did not for me! Going to buy full size soon.
Dec 1st '20
This is by far one of my very favorite blends. So sweet and yummy, a true a dessert tea. With sugar it is so sweet and yummy, but even plain it is great. Haven't tried with cream.
Dec 1st '20
Lovely tea, very soothing! Careful not to steep too long or too hot.
Nov 30th '20
Wonderful blend! Loved this with a tad bit of honey (or suck on a sugar cube/rock sugar while drinking, Persian style). Great to ease anxiety, or to wind down with at night.
Nov 30th '20
I definitely liked this! It was kind of difficult to get the temperature right. Too low, and no matter how long I steeped it wasn't strong enough. Too high, and it got a very bitter and tart taste that I didn't jive with.