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photo of Hook
by Brittany Va...
calypso green, yerba mate, green rooibos key west
photo of Lady Tremaine
Lady Tremaine
by Brittany Va...
earl grey moonlight, hojicha, yerba mate
photo of Sea Witch
Sea Witch
Score: 90
by Brittany Va...
coconut, vanilla oolong, white tropics

Signature Blends

photo of Dark Fairy
Dark Fairy
Score: 80
by Brittany Va...
cream, forest berries, gunpowder
photo of Lord of the Dead
Lord of the Dead
Score: 95
by Brittany Va...
cream, fiery cinnamon spice, gunpowder
photo of Grimhilde
Score: 80
by Brittany Va...
chamomile, sour apple, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme


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Aug 30th '20
Amazing!!! My new favorite tea and I almost never like chocolate or fruit in my tea but this is sooooo good!