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photo of pu-erh chorange
pu-erh chorange
score: 94
17¢ / cup
photo of campfire s'mores
campfire s'mores
score: 90
15¢ / cup
photo of blackberry sage oolong
blackberry sage oolong
score: 95
17¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Egress
Score: 99
by Holly Fisher
peppermint, rooibos cocomint, honeybush chocolate
photo of Banana Guard
Banana Guard
Score: 90
by Holly Fisher
valentines, rooibos caramel, honeybush banana nut
photo of Partake of the fruit
Partake of the fruit
by Holly Fisher
white strawberry, wild strawberry, dragon fruit dream


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Latest Reviews

Jul 18th '22
I order this over and over, it's so good, love the strength of the mint
Jul 18th '22
Perfect for summer, lychee has such a unique flavor
Jul 18th '22
I could eat it with a spoon for dessert, also good in tea, or on graham crackers
Mar 1st '22
Oh man how I wish this was available year round in a 5 oz tin. It's so good, it looks like a party with its pretty flower petals, it tastes amazing and I could just sniff the bag all day. Aesthetically pleasing in every way, it's a bit of a treasure I don't like to share
Mar 1st '22
I'm glad I ordered this in small quantity, because at first I loved it, then felt a little overwhelmed by the cherry. Makes me want to try the Cherry marzipan oolong because I do tend to be more critical of black teas
Mar 1st '22
This one everyone in my family feels strongly about, either loving or hating it. I personally love it, I feel like the banana is subtle and the baked goods flavor is prominent
Mar 1st '22
This tea blew my mind and is now in my top 5 teas of all time. I feel like I'm on a tropical island
Mar 1st '22
I use this tea more for blending with others in my pantry than on its own because it pairs so well with everything I like. The chocolate is very noticeable of course, and honeybush is just a wonderful gentle flavor that I prefer over black tea
Mar 1st '22
The lemongrass is more prominent than I thought it would be, which is nice for me since I love lemongrass. My husband likes it slightly less for this reason, but feels like the tangy hibiscus redeems it
Mar 1st '22
This tea is so good! The flavors are bam! in your face in a good way. The aroma is so nice. This might be my favorite fruity herbal.
Mar 1st '22
Wonderful flavor, the pumpkin is noticeable but perfectly balanced where you can taste both the chai spices and the autumnal pumpkin without one overwhelming the other.
Nov 22nd '21
This is my first time with an Oolong, it's good but I think rooibos is my preference. Edit: after a few cups, I got more flexible in my pallet, and now I love Oolong and want to try more flavors. Now this is my go-to tea when I want caffeine
Oct 18th '21
Turns lovely herbal blends blue, like peach bellini. Fun to add a little lemon to make it purple.
Sep 26th '21
This has a light and summery flavor, fantastic! Hard to mess up the brew, and so entertaining in color
Sep 24th '21
I think this is my favorite tea I've ever had, definitely going to order it over and over again
Sep 24th '21
The strawberry is nice but not overpowering, very chocolate rich. If you add sugar it reacts in a way that makes it too sweet, and I have a sweet tooth
Sep 24th '21
This is one of my 2 favorite teas, it's like a dessert all by itself. Doesn't even need sugar