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photo of earl grey bella luna
earl grey bella luna
score: 96
15¢ / cup
photo of golden flower
golden flower
score: 95
15¢ / cup
photo of jasmine phoenix pearls
jasmine phoenix pearls
score: 97
35¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Link
Score: 99
by Reimidy
forest berries, green chai, foxtrot
photo of Sidon
Score: 99
by Reimidy
earl grey moonlight, berry blues, green rooibos blueberry
photo of Mipha
Score: 99
by Reimidy
white blueberry, chamomile, green rooibos blueberry


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Latest Reviews

Feb 2nd '22
These are a perfect additional way of steeping loose leaf tea for me. The flavor remains the same as it would being made from a teapot or using the ingenuiTea. There's plenty of space as well, letting it be easy to fold or use with taller cups. Definitely worth the price!
Dec 6th '20
Jasmine was the flavor that really got me to love tea in the first place and this set I absolutely love! Each has differences in how they taste, but all of them still pertain the scent and flavor quality I've grown to love about jasmine tea. My favorite of the group would be the phoenix pearls.
Sep 16th '20
This is a perfect variety set for the fall season! Bonfire has an very clear smoky taste to it, like something you really did cook on a bonfire. The pumpkin spice and honeybush pumpkin chai are both good in terms of spicy teas. My favorite of the bunch would be autumn mist green, which has a great blend of sweet and smoky flavors to it. Each of these really remind me of the feeling of fall and I'd recommend them to anyone who wants tea to get them into the spirit of the season!
Sep 12th '20
I've used this a few times since I got it and it works great! It does an excellent job at keeping your tea warm, maybe too well actually (I'd recommend putting a small ice cube in after it steeps if you need it to cool a little like me). Otherwise, it's very sturdy and easy to carry as well!