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15¢ / cup
photo of fiery cinnamon spice
fiery cinnamon spice
Rating: 94
15¢ / cup
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thai tea
15¢ / cup

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photo of Leone Abbacchio
Leone Abbacchio
Score: 95
by Emily H.
earl grey moonlight, honeybush vanilla, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme
photo of Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati
Score: 90
by Emily H.
blueberry, chocolate chip, berry blues
photo of Trish Una
Trish Una
Score: 99
by Emily H.
white strawberry, raspberry green, lychee rose green


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Latest Reviews

May 10th '21
Before even tasting this tea, I know it's a good fit. The smell alone reminds me of the woods and upon tasting, the nutty and berry flavors give it a very 'foraged' feel. Delicious. While I can't see this being served in Greasy's Diner, I'd still vote for it as official tea of Gravity Falls (3 mins @ 212°F)
May 10th '21
I really like how the spices pair with green tea. A cozy and comforting cup. (3 mins @ 180°F)
May 10th '21
This tea is basically the perfect after-dinner mint. It reminds me of those Andes mints they give you at olive garden but actually good. I went through this sample very quickly (3 mins @ 180°F)
May 10th '21
It's taken me the entire tin to write this review as each time I tried it, I simple couldn't come up with the words to describe it how I wanted. This tea was a very comforting sort of earl grey 'blend' that felt just as mysterious and yet comforting as The Mystery Shack itself, the ideal companion for a foggy summer morning in the woods (5 mins @ 212°F)
Feb 28th '21
This is really tasty. I never would have thought about using basil in tea but it is very refreshing (3 mins @ 180°F)
Feb 28th '21
I tried this iced with cream and sugar and it was pretty tasty although I dont think I used enough tea leaves. Will be trying again hot (5 mins @ 212°F)