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Lin Future Brew
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earl grey moonlight, almond, summer rose
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Dizzy Sweet N Floral
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caramel, maple creme oolong, dewy cherry
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Apr 21st 2021 | Public Msg
ChasiTEA said:
I love the artwork on your tea blends. You are very talented!
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Feb 22nd 2022 | Public Msg
Keri said:
I am loving your blend on today's CommuniTEA and it is def a treat cold brewed! Great job!
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Feb 22nd 2022 | Public Msg
Addison said:
I'm enjoyed the delightful blend you created today, and I'm looking forward to reading the book! So cool that you created a whole set of fandom teas! I'll have to find my favorite character and try their blend too!

Latest Reviews

Jun 18th '22
There is a LOT going on in this tea, with so many layers of flavor coming from so many different directions. My partner smelled it and said it smelled savory, then tasted it and said it TASTED savory. I figure that’s partly the licorice notes, partly the chicory, and a little bit the rooibos. All of which absolutely blend to be more than the sum of their parts into something better than what you’d expect. We both often have stomachs that are upset for one reason or another—my preferred method of soothing just being a ginger chew candy—so it was fairly easy to test the soothing properties of this tea. Happy to report that it absolutely helped! This blend may be power on the palate, but it is tender on the tummy. Very happy with this, and for sure will be grabbing more once we need it!
Jun 18th '22
I love rooibos, and I love orange—this is the tea that I was MOST looking forward to, all week, in my communiTEA box. I wasn’t quite sure if I’d brew this one hot or cold until I woke up to 95°F weather, and then the choice was obvious. So, I let it cold brew while I was eating my breakfast. Unfortunately, there was only one measly scrap of orange in the entire packet, which may explain why the flavor was barely detectable amongst the strong, already-somewhat-citrusy natural flavor of rooibos. Which means it still tasted delicious, but I know in my heart that it could have been more delicious, with more orange flavor and maybe a bit of something more could emphasize it… like currants and a bit of cinnamon. Note to self, experiment with that blend. All things said, though, I chose to enjoy my delicious cup of not-very-orange rooibos with a lightly-orange-scented baked bun and I am a very happy Kat. (Though if it weren’t obvious, I’d be even happier if the orange were significantly more present in this tea.)
Jun 16th '22
I feel really bad about it, but this tea just was not for me. I like-ish mint, but definitely have to be in the mood for it. Today was not a mint-mood day, and that was the dominating flavor. Next was a tie between the sort of tart tang of hibiscus, and a weird… bitter… savory… unidentified flavor/texture that might’ve been eucalyptus, but might not have. Even adding rock sugar didn’t bring this down to something I could tolerate, so I gave up and handed it to my hunk. He, however, loves all things mint and likes it.
Jun 14th '22
As ever, I am back on my nonsense, cold-brewing most fruit-forward teas. This one… is fine. Not amazing, not horrible, but fine. My communiTea packet didn’t have any cherries in it, which absolutely would have changed the overall flavor, and I would have liked to have it as it was MEANT to be, because I suspect it would have been a little bit better… but as it stands? Within about ten minutes of just having the leaves in room temp water, it gave off that artificial, medicinal cherry flavor. About twenty minutes in, thankfully, the rose actually stepped up and took away that medicine flavor, actually both combining well with the cherry and somewhat dominating it. In most cold brews, rose can be a huge bully and block out any of the good flavors of a tea, but this was a thoughtful addition that added back some of the necessary floral notes of dark fruits. The green tea itself, as I’m sure we’ve all come to expect from Adagio, was delicious, smooth, and not overly aggressive in either it’s grassiness or bitterness. Truly, I do think this would have better with the intended cherry pieces, and PERHAPS just a pinch of sweetener to further wake up the fruit flavors… but I have to judge this tea on what it is, not what it theoretically could be. And what it is, is… well… fine.
Jun 13th '22
I couldn’t drink this tea today because of caffeine problems, but a friend tried it and said it was fruity and nice! I’ll have to get some later for myself because it sounds interesting!
Jun 12th '22
Most super fruity teas, I prefer cold over hot. But not just cold, I prefer cold-brewed. So, I let the tea set in a strainer in a cup of cold water for a while (ended up being about an hour because I got distracted.), then removed the tea and added some ice. While brewing, the strongest scent was an undefinable sweetness buried under a prominent cinnamon scent. It was really alluring, actually, because I happen to love cinnamon quite a bit. The resulting tea is actually really mild to taste, but it’s scent puts it just over the edge into something a bit… more. If you’ve ever had tazo’s hibiscus passion fruit, it tastes like the afterthought of that, but WAY less sour and aggressive. Or maybe like an extremely watered-down fruit punch, so just the hint of some sort of dark fruit just barely caresses your palate. This was a very, very soft tea and I really liked it. May try for a second cold-brew with the spent leaves just to see how far it can stretch, but it already did quite well for a tiny sample in about 20 oz of water.
May 29th '22
Turmeric can sometimes be too earthy or bitter, depending on the quality and amount. Adagio got it just right, or maybe even was overly sparing on the turmeric because I couldn’t really identify it in this blend, even when trying to. Instead, the overall flavor is extremely light, a little bit sweet, with a vague hint of orange peel. Very soothing and refreshing, not at all like I had imagined in my head before drinking. Out of curiosity, I added a small bit of honey and actually regret it—the honey was far too strong a flavor for this tea and it’s subtlety was sacrificed. This was a very lovely and easy cup to start the day off calmly, and I enjoyed snacking on the rehydrated apple pieces afterwards. Also, I was worried about staining from the turmeric, but my double-walled adagio mug hasnt even gotten a tea ring on the inside, let alone a turmeric one. More proof there isn’t an overdose of turmeric, or more proof that these mugs are baller? You decide.
May 26th '22
Look, English Breakfast tea is a classic for a reason, and this is an EXCEPTIONAL version of said classic. Once you have this, you’ll mourn having wasted so much time on the grocery store versions.
May 26th '22
Originally received this in my tea advent calendar and loved it so much, have had to repurchase multiple times! Great subtle earthiness, not too heavy or obtrusive, very good as a daily drink to just enjoy at your leisure. Fully recommend giving this a go!
May 26th '22
Super soft, super delicious. I’ll often just plonk one of these bags in a tankard of ice water and let it cold-steep throughout the day, while drinking and refilling the very vessel. Super refreshing!
May 26th '22
LOVE this cup! Absolutely love it! The built-in strainer makes it even easier and more convenient for my ADHD brain to actually use my precious loose teas instead of reaching for bagged convenience. Also related to the ADHD, being double-walled and having a nice little hat means this stays warm and drinkable for maybe up to an hour, even if I’ve forgotten it! Also love that there’s a lip above the pour line that actually stays cool to the touch, since many of my other mugs actually burn my lips if I try to use them before the tea’s gone ice cold. What else? Oh, it’s the perfect size for a reasonable amount of tea/cocoa/coffee. The mug stays warm-but-not-hot on the outside so you can still use it to toast your fingers and cuddle to your chest, but not with any included danger. The little notch in the lid is perfect for the included strainer, but also great if you need to keep a spoon sticking out, as well. The strainer mesh is moderately fine and very little slips through, though there’s always some amount of residue when I’m using it with rooibos since the particles are so minuscule. There’s no handle, but I’ve come to enjoy the smoothness of its exterior so even this has become something I like. Plus, takes up less real estate in my cabinet! Just wish there were more designs I liked, or even if we could submit custom designs for the same style of mug!
May 26th '22
The aroma of this tea is very enticingly raspberry-forward, but that zingy sweetness is dampened in the actual brewing. It gets a little lost in the chamomile, but the chamomile (much to my delight, as I don’t actually like chamomile) gets hidden well amongst the raspberry and aniseed. It’s a flavor combination unlike any ice had before, and I can’t really explain it other than to say it’s fruity, floral, and pretty sweet even without sugar. It’s also NOT a subtle taste, and was a bit difficult for me to finish a whole cup of before it had cooled beyond my liking. Weirdly, the texture is sort of thick after brewing (it’s a bit heavy??), and it is VERY dry, meaning I had to pretty much immediately follow the mug with some ice water. That said, it is tasty and I’ll be trying it more. As for the health benefits during your moon? As luck would have it, I am testing this at the perfect time, and can say… jury’s out. The only POTENTIAL change I’m noticing is that it -maybe- has helped to clear out “the red stuff” a little quicker than before, but this was also accompanied by a very sharp and very sudden cramp to announce the change. I don’t seem to be as bloated as expected, but everything else is absolutely at my normal levels (back pain, migraines, joint weakness, etc), so I’d definitely hold my breath on this actually having huge benefits for menses. I suspect the minor changes I noted are just random coincidence, rather than tea affect. Still. Glad to have tried, and to try again and again. Will not go to waste, though not yet sure if i anticipate reordering.
Dec 5th '21
This is one of the few teas I’ve had from adagio that just didn’t jive with me. Hot, it smelled really tangy and alluring with a sort of spiced undertone… but tasting it was almost like a normal black tea with nothing really noteworthy otherwise. That’s fine, I thought, as a lot of adagio teas lose some of the fruit flavor when brewed hot but a bit of sugar will often bring that back to the foreground. Not for this cranberry tea, which tasted nearly the same. I’m also in the habit of then pouring cold water over my used leaves to do a second cup as a cold brew, but due to the 5 minute brew time and the 205°F water temp, everything the leaves had to give was used up in the first go. That second cup mostly tasted like water with a vague sort of slightly unidentifiably fruity scent. There didn’t seem to be much advantage to this tea versus a plain black tea, but maybe if I try it again I’ll cold brew it without ever hitting hot water and see if that changes my mind. It very frequently does.
Dec 2nd '21
Love absolutely all of these, but the dragon pearl and silver needles are my favorite. They’re a little more subtle and delicate than the other two, which have a slightly more robust earthiness to them. BUT, I’m happy to have all four and fully intend to finish every last leaf, probably getting another combo pack right afterwards to keep the variety going. It’s also very easy to over-steep or not quite get the proportions right with these teas as just a minute or just a couple leaves too much or not enough seems to change the flavor WILDLY. Kinda like you actually get 20 different teas in this one sampler, depending on how lackadaisical you are about measuring time and space. I, myself, am a chaos beast and so no two cups have even remotely tasted the same.
Dec 2nd '21
Super tasty, especially if you add just a pinch of sugar to really bring out the flavors! And I do mean a tiny pinch. It’s already decently sweet enough on its own.
Aug 28th '21
This is one of the few teas that, when smelling it in the bag, I thought I might enjoy it more hot rather than cold. For the record, I tend to cold brew the majority of my teas and very few ever touch water above room temp. But, I was right! This was a blend that I served with a splash of vanilla creamer, served warm, and it had strong ice cream vibes. The almonds marzipan played super nice with my creamer, enhancing the ice cream sort of feeling from the cup overall. And the cherry? It was nice, and soft, and not at all aggressive or sour or weird. One of my favorite soap combos to smell in shops is cherry almond, and I’ve always felt that the almond scent was the more powerful of the two but that the cherry scent rounds it out a bit more and gives it an extra boost. That’s exactly what happened with this tea; they are better because they are together, and play off one another perfectly. It is worth noting, however, that I did initially taste the brew on its own without any vanilla creamer, and it was OKAY, but felt a little thin. With the creamer, though? It gives the flavor that bit of body it needs to really go the distance. I’ll be drinking this again, for sure, but I’m expecting it to be a sort of… nighttime winding-down/after meal dessert tea rather than a crave-throughout-the-day, one.
Aug 28th '21
The strawberries in this tea, despite being dried and clearly not fresh off the vine, are super juicy and flavorful and, yes, FRESH, once rehydrated! My favorite way to enjoy this tea is just plonked in a bucket of water and left to cold brew for an ambiguous amount of time, but usually at least 20 minutes or so. Throw in some ice and you’ve got a super refreshing, mildly sweet, and very plump-tasting beverage to cool down with. You can go buck wild, if you want, and add a slice or two of fresh lemon for a strawberry lemonade feel, but I dig the sort of homemade strawberry jam taste all on its own. Seriously, this has become one of those essential brews in my house and I absolutely adore it. Never tried it hot, but I can imagine it in my taste-mind and it already sounds pretty cozy.
Nov 7th '20
If you were to hand me a cup of this tea and ask me to drink it with my eyes closed, there’s absolutely no way I could tell you what flavor it is. All I could say about it is that it’s soft, and light, and pleasingly herbal. If I concentrated REAL hard, I might be able to eventually guess at the hint of sort of not quite lemonyness that is lemongrass, which certainly doesn’t taste like lemon at all. That said, I really like this tea despite not having an identifiable flavor. Maybe that’s just because I don’t normally go around chewing in pea blossoms, I don’t know... but I’d be willing to start, based on this blend. Sometimes, I want a tea that is sort of soft and barely there, but still different than just plain water. I cold brew most of my teas, and I found that actually just keeping a tea strainer filled with this in my cup all day, never changing it out, was a nice experience. The flavor infuses quickly enough that even being surrounded by ice and cold water, every sip had at least a hint of it. Even if I didn’t wait for it to get more punchy. I must’ve brewed at least three liters of it from just one tea ball, at least. Also, it’s a beautiful blue color. I do imagine it would taste nice with a bit of lemon squeezed in it, to help bring out that lemongrass, but I didn’t do so. Guess I’ll learn the surprise color change magic at a different time.
Sep 1st '20
I’ve only tried the key lime tea in here so far, but holy yum! It’s everything you love about the flavor of key lime pie, but almost like a candy instead of a pie. It’s sweet, zesty, and deliciously lime-tacular. Not a hint of sour in this sweet drink and I adore it! Per usual, I cold brewed it. Highly recommend!
Sep 1st '20
This tea is sooooooo good. I cold-brewed it in the fridge and I genuinely can’t imagine drinking it any other way. It’s the perfect summer tea, with a STONG strawberry flavor. Like a fist full of real, freeze-dried strawberries dropped in a cup and buzzing with excitement for you to drink them! There’s the tiniest bit of tartness in the background, but it’s otherwise a super sweet, unmistakably strawberry drink. Absolutely adore it.
Aug 19th '20
These sugar crystals taste pretty much exactly like rock candy, with that SLIGHTLY toasted caramel flavor that some of them have, but are otherwise pretty much just a mild sweetener. It actually takes quite a few of them to really sweeten up a cup. I tried one by itself out of curiosity, and upon biting down, I found it to be sort of....airy. Kind of like pop rocks without the pop. I don’t find it any more convenient or special in flavor than regular sugar, so they’re unlikely to get a ton of use in my household. Still, they are quite pretty and fun to pour into hot water and swirl until meted.
Aug 14th '20
I got the berry white and vanilla chai varieties-both of which are delicious, not overly sweet, and not overly-flavored. They’re somewhat subtle, which I suspect would help a cup of tea shine, rather than be overpowered. They’re both fairly crumbly in texture, with small pieces of dried fruit inside that give a soft chew in some spots as a welcome textural surprise!
Aug 13th '20
Before brewing this tea, my hunky said he didn't believe he'd ever had an apricot before and wasn't sure what they tasted like. Being the one in our relationship that eats fistfuls of dried apricots daily, and occasionally picks up some fresh ones when possible, I described it as a slightly more tart peach. Well, wouldn't you know it, neither of us really detected enough difference between this apricot tea and the green peach tea for it to really matter. If you're already really into apricots, you MIGHT be able to convince yourself that's what you're tasting, but if you drank this blindfolded and were asked to describe what you thought it was, you'd probably say peach every time. The green tea continues to be delicious and not overwhelming when brewed correctly, which makes this a light and refreshing drink. To compliment the apricot flavor, I think this would pair well with a bit of lemon, but I didn't add any. The marigold flowers in the mix do help with amping up the sweet, floral aromas of the dried fruit, but I can't say this has a unique enough identity on its own. Still, really enjoyed this tea cold brewed and poured over ice!
Aug 12th '20
This tea is deliiiiiiiiiiicious, BUT, it is not a 'casual' tea. You can't just brew up a pitcher of this stuff and figure you'll get around to drinking it all, because it's just not that kind of tea.This is a tea you make a commitment to; the kind that you put a danged ring on and declare you'll finish it off or die trying. One taste, and you'll unmistakably think you're sippin' on a delicious apple pie, but an AGGRESSIVE one. The chai spices in this are bold and warm, demanding you pay tribute to them. Sadly, I wasn't able to finish an entire pitcher of this like I would have for other teas BECAUSE this is one of those ones that you truly need to be 'in the mood' for. I loved it, but just wasn't in the mood. I won't make that mistake again—next time, I'll clear my beverage schedule and savor every single drop of this rich, cozy tea.
Aug 8th '20
LOVE this tea. I throw a bag in a 2QT jug of room temp water and let it steep until it tastes good. Do NOT leave the bag in after it’s to your liking because the tea can get bitter. As it is, though, the aroma of peaches SMELLS juicy, and paired with the smooth black tea, the entire beverage is slightly earthy, sweet, and very pleasant. I don’t add any sugar to it, but I could see a small hit of sweetness being an excellent compliment that doesn’t distort the taste.
Aug 7th '20
Love this sampler, especially since we’re really into fruity teas in my household. I use one bag and plop it into a 2QT jug of room temp water, waiting patiently for the flavor to disperse. DONT leave ~any~ adagio teas in for “too long” because they really do start to taste icky. Which, to me, says they’re super great quality and may be able to be used for larger quantities of water than expected, whereas some of my garbage teas stop steeping after a couple minutes, no matter how long I leave them in for. Also, of the ones in this sampler, I’m not the biggest fan of the berry blast blend. It tastes kind of like the tazo hibiscus tea, which has a sort of acidic aftertaste to it. Not the same, of course, just reminds me of it. Definitely tastes better with a bit of sugar and some lemon (yes, more acid actually helps) rather than straight. But still decent, regardless. What I like about these samplers is that I don’t have to pick and choose, I can, as the word implies, sample a variety and use that info as a starting point. Definitely a great pack and worth every penny.
Aug 7th '20
Love this sampler, especially since we’re really into fruity teas in my household. I use one bag and plop it into a 2QT jug of room temp water, waiting patiently for the flavor to disperse. DONT leave ~any~ adagio teas in for “too long” because they really do start to taste icky. Which, to me, says they’re super great quality and may be able to be used for larger quantities of water than expected, whereas some of my garbage teas stop steeping after a couple minutes, no matter how long I leave them in for. The mango green tea (which I now realize after having written this review was not actually included in the sample pack itself but was a bonus sample sent at the same time) has FAST become a favorite in this household, and is actually preferred to the mango black tea. Which was a total shock! The green tea has a beautiful, soft floral note that compliments the fruity, sweet mango so beautifully. Just, again, make sure to take the bag out once it’s well-brewed. What I like about these samplers is that I don’t have to pick and choose, I can, as the word implies, sample a variety and use that info as a starting point. Definitely a great pack and worth every penny.