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photo of throat therapy
throat therapy
Rating: 94
15¢ / cup
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varieTEA kettle
Rating: 93
only $99
photo of teforia
Rating: 97
only $499

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photo of Lin Future Brew
Lin Future Brew
Score: 91
by Kat Quinn
earl grey moonlight, almond, summer rose
photo of Dizzy Sweet N Floral
Dizzy Sweet N Floral
Score: 85
by Kat Quinn
caramel, maple creme oolong, dewy cherry
photo of Kieran Fireball Blend
Kieran Fireball Blend
Score: 98
by Kat Quinn
fiery cinnamon spice, rooibos cinnamon apple, gingerbread


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Apr 21st 2021 | Public Msg
ChasiTEA said:
I love the artwork on your tea blends. You are very talented!

Latest Reviews

Aug 28th '21
This is one of the few teas that, when smelling it in the bag, I thought I might enjoy it more hot rather than cold. For the record, I tend to cold brew the majority of my teas and very few ever touch water above room temp. But, I was right! This was a blend that I served with a splash of vanilla creamer, served warm, and it had strong ice cream vibes. The almonds marzipan played super nice with my creamer, enhancing the ice cream sort of feeling from the cup overall. And the cherry? It was nice, and soft, and not at all aggressive or sour or weird. One of my favorite soap combos to smell in shops is cherry almond, and I’ve always felt that the almond scent was the more powerful of the two but that the cherry scent rounds it out a bit more and gives it an extra boost. That’s exactly what happened with this tea; they are better because they are together, and play off one another perfectly. It is worth noting, however, that I did initially taste the brew on its own without any vanilla creamer, and it was OKAY, but felt a little thin. With the creamer, though? It gives the flavor that bit of body it needs to really go the distance. I’ll be drinking this again, for sure, but I’m expecting it to be a sort of… nighttime winding-down/after meal dessert tea rather than a crave-throughout-the-day, one.
Aug 28th '21
The strawberries in this tea, despite being dried and clearly not fresh off the vine, are super juicy and flavorful and, yes, FRESH, once rehydrated! My favorite way to enjoy this tea is just plonked in a bucket of water and left to cold brew for an ambiguous amount of time, but usually at least 20 minutes or so. Throw in some ice and you’ve got a super refreshing, mildly sweet, and very plump-tasting beverage to cool down with. You can go buck wild, if you want, and add a slice or two of fresh lemon for a strawberry lemonade feel, but I dig the sort of homemade strawberry jam taste all on its own. Seriously, this has become one of those essential brews in my house and I absolutely adore it. Never tried it hot, but I can imagine it in my taste-mind and it already sounds pretty cozy. (>10 mins @ 60°F)
Nov 7th '20
If you were to hand me a cup of this tea and ask me to drink it with my eyes closed, there’s absolutely no way I could tell you what flavor it is. All I could say about it is that it’s soft, and light, and pleasingly herbal. If I concentrated REAL hard, I might be able to eventually guess at the hint of sort of not quite lemonyness that is lemongrass, which certainly doesn’t taste like lemon at all. That said, I really like this tea despite not having an identifiable flavor. Maybe that’s just because I don’t normally go around chewing in pea blossoms, I don’t know... but I’d be willing to start, based on this blend. Sometimes, I want a tea that is sort of soft and barely there, but still different than just plain water. I cold brew most of my teas, and I found that actually just keeping a tea strainer filled with this in my cup all day, never changing it out, was a nice experience. The flavor infuses quickly enough that even being surrounded by ice and cold water, every sip had at least a hint of it. Even if I didn’t wait for it to get more punchy. I must’ve brewed at least three liters of it from just one tea ball, at least. Also, it’s a beautiful blue color. I do imagine it would taste nice with a bit of lemon squeezed in it, to help bring out that lemongrass, but I didn’t do so. Guess I’ll learn the surprise color change magic at a different time. (>10 mins @ 40°F)
Sep 1st '20
I’ve only tried the key lime tea in here so far, but holy yum! It’s everything you love about the flavor of key lime pie, but almost like a candy instead of a pie. It’s sweet, zesty, and deliciously lime-tacular. Not a hint of sour in this sweet drink and I adore it! Per usual, I cold brewed it. Highly recommend!
Sep 1st '20
This tea is sooooooo good. I cold-brewed it in the fridge and I genuinely can’t imagine drinking it any other way. It’s the perfect summer tea, with a STONG strawberry flavor. Like a fist full of real, freeze-dried strawberries dropped in a cup and buzzing with excitement for you to drink them! There’s the tiniest bit of tartness in the background, but it’s otherwise a super sweet, unmistakably strawberry drink. Absolutely adore it.