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photo of earl grey bella luna
earl grey bella luna
15¢ / cup
photo of blood orange
blood orange
Rating: 94
15¢ / cup
photo of samurai mate
samurai mate
15¢ / cup

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photo of Dreaming of Dragons
Dreaming of Dragons
Score: 99
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white strawberry, dragon fruit dream
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Into the Magic
Score: 99
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ceylon sonata, coconut, mango melange


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Latest Reviews

Dec 31st '21
Let me start by saying that this tasted like apple cinnamon chai and no hint of chocolate except the dry tea smell. That being said this is delicious! Excellent with a bit of sweetness added in and goon on its own. Maybe I got the wrong tea in my bag. @adagioteas
Nov 13th '21
Absolutely a great sampler! The honey is beautifully presented and is a great addition to my tea. @adagioteas
Sep 12th '21
Unsweetened it is very smooth and the flavoring is very subtle reminding me of springtime. Adding sugar brought this to a whole new experience! Cherry and almond flavors shown through and is very delish! Then adding milk to that yet again entirely changes the taste to an almond pastry with slight cherry drizzle. Absolutely love!
Sep 12th '21
Very refreshing! This fruity combination is very nice and satisfying.
Jul 2nd '21
This is a very nice tea. All the flavors blend and create an appeasing full taste. It’s good enough on its own but I prefer it with sugar. It reminds me of home and is a nice cozy brew.
May 11th '21
This tea is very tart and the blueberries shine through. Sweetened, it’s absolutely delightful. It makes me want to snuggle up on a cold winter day, very cozy tea.
May 11th '21
I went in bling having no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised! This has a smooth light fruity taste and not medicinal at all. I dare say I preferred this unsweetened.
Apr 2nd '21
I just can’t with this one. Apparently I don’t like basil. At all.
Apr 2nd '21
This is a lovely woodsy take Earl Grey, the citrus really does shine through. But there is a deep woodsy Taste too.
Apr 2nd '21
A very pleasant medicinal taste without being offensive. The smell of the blend is a bit intense inside the packaging. I’m gonna use this for an upset tummy.
Feb 12th '21
Very delightful! Lovely as is OR sweetened and with milk! Hits the chocolate strawberry on the nose!
Feb 5th '21
This is VERY delightful! A good balance of black tea and blueberries without being medicinal. Superb sweetened!
Feb 4th '21
Absolutely yummy! Sweetened it’s even better. Tastes like old fashioned raspberry hard candies!
Feb 4th '21
Very astringent. It’s not bad hot and sweetened, but not something I’ll make again.
Feb 4th '21
The scent from the package reminds me of raspberry gummy candies! Unsweetened it’s a bit bitter, but not bad. Sweetened it’s absolutely yummy!
Jan 16th '21
This is nicely balanced once sweetened. Unsweetened it’s just tart cherry. This would be an amazing iced tea. Hot it’s just comfy.
Jan 11th '21
This reminds me of a flavoured lemonade. Seems like it would be an ace ice tea. Warm, it’s nice like a fuzzy hug. Very lemonade vibes.
Jan 11th '21
This are absolutely fan-tucking-fastic! I’m going to have to order the big bag.
Jan 6th '21
Honestly the flavor was fine, but I’m not a fan of the shortbread’s texture.
Dec 23rd '20
I honestly just can’t with this one. I was SO excited about it too. But it was very oily, not a pleasant taste, like peppermint essential oil (I LOVE peppermint) straight up. It also left an oily coating in my mouth and throat.
Dec 9th '20
This honestly blew my mind! It tastes like hot chocolate, no sugar needed. But adding sugar really elevated the hit chocolate taste!
Nov 25th '20
I can’t recommend this enough! From the tins to the tastes this is a perfect set!
Nov 25th '20
I’m so happy I got this! Was a little surprised that the tin was the smallest size I could get but after drinking, it’s worth it!
Nov 25th '20
I’m very surprised and pleased at the taste! Enjoyable sweetened for me.
Nov 20th '20
This is absolutely superb! The scent and taste are refreshingly fruity and dies not disappoint.
Nov 14th '20
This tea really surprised me! It’s a very heavy cinnamon smell and main flavor, but there’s a distant taste of fruit at the end of a sip. Very nice sweetened. A perfect autumn tea.
Nov 14th '20
I was looking forward to this tea mainly because it changes colours with citrus juice. It’s beautiful and it literally tastes like happiness to me! A bit blueberry with a hint of lemon on the back of the throat. It’s superb! I can’t wait to order more!
Aug 14th '20
An absolutely delightful as is and even better sweetened with a bit of sugar. Light yet full of depth and smooth going down. I can t recommend this enough!
Jul 31st '20
Nice and smooth, the blue cornflower taste actually comes through, that’s a little odd, but it’s a good overall taste!
Jul 20th '20
This is the perfect set to try several fruity flavours. Affordable and surprisingly delicious!