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photo of pu-erh poe
pu-erh poe
Rating: 90
40¢ / cup
photo of jasmine phoenix pearls
jasmine phoenix pearls
Rating: 97
35¢ / cup
photo of bella luna blue
bella luna blue
Rating: 97
40¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Meliodas: Dragon Sin of Wrath
Meliodas: Dragon Sin of Wrath
by Hannah Morris
fruit medley, spiced mate, dragon fruit dream
photo of Ban: Fox Sin of Greed
Ban: Fox Sin of Greed
by Hannah Morris
white eternal spring, foxtrot
photo of Gowther: Goat Sin of Lust
Gowther: Goat Sin of Lust
Score: 99
by Hannah Morris
earl grey lavender, cream, summer rose


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Latest Reviews

Mar 30th '21
Absolutely love this tea! My best friend and I did a gung fu brewing with this, and it was one of our absolute favorites. The way the flavor developed between brewings really did tribute to the name, like there was a sleeping dragon being slowly awakened as we continued to brew the leaves. Overall, great subtle green tea flavor with sweet undertones and a slight citrus note in the aftertaste. If you're into green teas, this one is definitely worth a try.
Mar 30th '21
This is a really great, basic pu-erh tea, and one of my favorites to drink in the morning when I don't feel like coffee. It has a very robust body and full mouth-feel, with a pleasant earthiness and that classic grassy finish I expect from a pu-erh. It has a nice bold presence without being too overpowering or bitter; if you're just getting into pu-erh teas, I would reccommend this one as a good starter. (4 mins @ 212°F)