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photo of valentines
score: 93
15¢ / cup
photo of cherry marzipan oolong
cherry marzipan oolong
score: 89
17¢ / cup
photo of genmai cha
genmai cha
score: 94
17¢ / cup

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photo of oolong as we're together
oolong as we're together
Score: 95
by Neha Sridhar
vanilla oolong, almond oolong, maple creme oolong
photo of entwined roots
entwined roots
Score: 86
by Neha Sridhar
earl grey green, vanilla green, rooibos earl grey
photo of familiarity
by Neha Sridhar
earl grey moonlight, cream, vanilla


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Latest Reviews

Dec 2nd '21
While it smells like a rich, decadent blend of chocolate and matcha, almost like a matcha kit-kat, the taste itself is a bit disappointing as it isn’t quite a matcha flavor nor is it very hot chocolate like. With the addition of oar milk and sugar it had a much more hot chocolate like taste, but I still wouldn’t choose it over normal matcha.
Oct 15th '20
This is a wonderful product for keeping your tea warm! I haven’t had a chance to travel with it yet, but I love using it to leisurely sip my tea and steep more cups without the hassle of inserting a separate infuser. Plus, the design is so lovely!