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photo of BARD
Score: 98
by Cara McGee
white strawberry, vanilla green, fruit medley

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photo of Wylla Darkhorn
Wylla Darkhorn
Score: 90
by Nicole Frame
ginger, masala chai, gunpowder
photo of Kael Modan
Kael Modan
by Nicole Frame
fruit medley, sour apple, rooibos vanilla
photo of Kaleigh ODwyer
Kaleigh ODwyer
by Nicole Frame
white peach, white tropics, peach bellini


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Latest Reviews

Sep 9th '20
Works excellently. The perfect size for my mug and much easier to clean than some other infusers.
Sep 2nd '20
Got this for a friend who has only had black tea before and he loved it! Great array of flavors.
Jul 14th '20
Perfect scoops every time! With the depth lacking in other teaspoons to get the chunks of some teas
Jul 14th '20
Makes about 2 mugs of tea and it's perfectly steeped each time. Easy to clean!