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photo of earl grey bella luna
earl grey bella luna
15¢ / cup
photo of winter teas
winter teas
score: 97
only $14

Signature Blends

photo of Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend
Score: 96
by Shalei Benj...
cream, strawberry
photo of Rose Nylund
Rose Nylund
Score: 99
by Shalei Benj...
vanilla, white eternal spring
photo of Norman Mailer, Im pregnant!
Norman Mailer, Im pregnant!
Score: 99
by Shalei Benj...
ginger, spiced apple chai, rooibos cinnamon apple


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Latest Reviews

Jul 27th '21
The Darjeeling really brings out the flavor of this tea. It s very light and flavorful and I can even enjoy it in the summertime
Jul 27th '21
These tins are great for storing tea. They also helped me make more room because I have a smaller space for storing tea
Jul 27th '21
These tins are amazing at storing my smaller amounts of tea. They re the perfect size
Jul 27th '21
I love the rice flavor in this tea. As well as the puffed rice. It brings out an amazing subtle popcorn flavor
Apr 13th '21
All of the blends are delicious. Especially the Lemon Meringue Green tea. That one tastes like fruit loops. I mean exactly like froot loops.
Nov 5th '20
I had gotten the free sample of this when I ordered from adagio for the first time in June and I loved it. I love the hazelnut and chocolate flavor. It s warming and comforting. I had to get a big tin this time!
Nov 5th '20
This tea is amazing! You can really taste the lemongrass and the blueberries. They go well together. Plus, I can t get over that beautiful indigo color! I can t wait to try it with lemon juice. Really glad I was able to buy a couple of packs of this tea since it ll be a while before it comes back again.
Jun 24th '20
I bought this as a gift for my sister since this is one of her favorite teas.It's delicious. You can smell the butterscotch and the taste is fantastic
Jun 12th '20
I am so glad I ordered this in time. The coconut blends well with the earl gray tea.
Jun 12th '20
Very sweet and they melt into the tea nicely. They give it a great flavor