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photo of Charlie Chai
Charlie Chai
by Amanda Pica
assam melody, tiger eye, honeybush pumpkin chai
photo of Bella Blend
Bella Blend
by Amanda Pica
vanilla oolong, white pear, honeybush vanilla
photo of Zesty Zoey
Zesty Zoey
by Amanda Pica
pu-erh chorange, chocolate chai, rooibos vanilla chai


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Latest Reviews

Oct 30th '20
It definitely has a butterscotch flavor to it. I only gave it 3 stars because I thought the flavor was a little bit too strong and I didn't personally care for that, but if you really like butterscotch, this is the tea for you!
Oct 30th '20
This is an excellent sampler that I bought for my husband, who is a big lover of jasmine teas, but had only ever had the grocery store kind. He was blown away by the quality of these teas. The sampler allowed him to compare the teas to decide which is his favorite. The four options gave a nice variety!
Sep 3rd '20
Nice, light, and refreshing. I prefer this as an iced tea!
Sep 3rd '20
I had only had bagged, grocery store English Breakfast before and was blown away by how much different this tastes. There's a smoky element to it that's really nice. It's not my favorite tea, but it's a great price and a very full flavor. (3 mins @ 212°F)
Jun 19th '20
I think this tastes different each time I drink it, which is fitting for being Polyjuice Potion! It's hard to review because there are so many flavors that play off each other. There's a warm woodsy flavor and a brighter citrus flavor. This is one you just have to try, especially if you like chai!
Jun 19th '20
A nice evening blend. The chai mellows into the hazelnut and it's interesting, but not spicy.