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photo of minty comfort
minty comfort
score: 97
19¢ / cup
photo of green rooibos teas
green rooibos teas
score: 93
only $14
photo of Cheshire cat
Cheshire cat
Score: 99
by Jentina Grey
earl grey moonlight, cream, blackberry

Signature Blends

photo of Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren
Score: 99
by Daisy Mae
earl grey moonlight, blackberry, berry blues
photo of STARberry Belgian WaffleWARS
STARberry Belgian WaffleWARS
Score: 99
by Daisy Mae
vanilla oolong, maple creme oolong, wild strawberry
photo of Baby Yo da one for me
Baby Yo da one for me
by Daisy Mae
caramel, cream, honeybush hazelnut


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Messages for Daisy:

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Nov 13th 2022 | Public Msg
Julie said:
Nice dice bag!! Did you make it yourself?? Love it!
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Nov 22nd 2022 | Public Msg
Sue said:
Daisy, Nice to see support for Jentina's book. I am reading it now . She is a brilliant writer! Love her art master pieces too.
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Dec 1st 2022 | Public Msg
Julie said:
Are the chestnuts good? I'm so curious! Never tried them, but the tea is so good! Do they taste sort of close to any other nut?

Latest Reviews

Dec 3rd '22
It’s good, but it’s got a bit of a weird sweetness to it. I added some mandarin peel to it, and it smoothed the flavor out.
Nov 28th '22
I thought I would be bored with a cup of ‘just chestnut’, but it is surprisingly well balanced. Of course you could always do a second steep and add some fruity or cream flavors in there! Actually I bet Cream and Chestnut with a bit of milk and honey would be wonderful…
Nov 27th '22
I like to cold brew this one, it really allows the vanilla to come out, while the strawberry is just a little bit tart so that you’re not bored. It’s also a very pretty tea, with rose petals giving it some color.
Nov 22nd '22
I was expecting a nice raspberry flavored Earl Grey, and while it was delicious, not much raspberry came through! I think I might have to add a tiny pinch of raspberry patch, and see how that goes.
Nov 21st '22
I cold brewed and it was delicious. I regular brewed, and it was still delicious.
Nov 20th '22
So, rooibos is usually a hit or miss for me, it really depends what it gets paired with… this vanilla is pretty tasty. I have to use a fine sieve for it, the steel kind with the tiny holes, so the tiny rooibos flecks don’t dust up my cup… but I found one that works. It would be nice if there were more decaf leafs than just rooibos/honeybush/arabica, but with enough added ingredients, this one tastes pretty good.
Nov 17th '22
Not too bad… if you’re looking for just a hazelnut blend, this one is very good. I like the honeybush more than the black.
Nov 14th '22
Subtle cinnamon, not as kick-you-in-the-face as I was expecting. It’s good.
Nov 13th '22
It’s not the arabica flavor I dislike, it’s the amount of Earl Grey flavoring they used for this blend. There just isn’t a lot of flavor, and I wasn’t sure so I tried it after three minutes and it was so weak. So I left it in for an hour to brew, and it was still pretty weak. I think adding some berries and orange rinds would help, but as it is, it needs work.
Nov 12th '22
Delicious caramely creamy flavors combine with a nuttiness that really goes well as an evening night cap. I like it with warm milk.
Nov 12th '22
I love Adagio’s strawberry lemonade iced tea! The satchels make it really easy to just pop the pitcher in the fridge. And the flavors go together so well, a very light, crisp, sweet strawberry and lemonish flavor.
Nov 12th '22
Adagio’s apricot flavors is one of my favorite of theirs. It’s even better that it’s in a decaf form, so I can take it at night. Cold brewed it comes out really well with a bit of sugar or sucralose.
Nov 12th '22
I really like green rooibos for cold brewing. It’s got a kind of sweet straw/hay flavor to it, and it goes really well with fruity flavors, as long as you can get a bit of savory undertones going in there, because the green rooibos itself doesn’t provide any of the medium or bottom notes. The citron flavoring in this reminds me of sugary fruity cereal.
Nov 12th '22
I wouldn’t suggest brewing this one hot, unless it’s with something else like added to apple cider… But cold brewed, it’s really delicious.
Nov 12th '22
Delicious light strawberry flavors blend surprisingly well with the basil. It’s good hot or cold too.
Nov 11th '22
So to me this is more of a strawberry ice cream, with some marshmallow. I keep trying to taste the banana and getting only the faintest of hints of banana it’s like the la croix of banana flavor. The blend is still tasty, just not what I think of as banana split. Green rooibos is more like a sweet flavor with very little medium or bottom notes, so there’s no savoriness to it. If it was me I would have gone half green rooibos and half red rooibos.
Nov 10th '22
This one is really good, but I don’t really ever feel like ‘get I should drink a big mug of cinnamon!’ So I don’t end up drinking it… but I think I’m goin to use it for making mulled apple cider with, I bet it’ll be perfect.
Nov 6th '22
Nice creamy cinnamon brew, I like that it’s decaf so late night savory is a nice way to relax.
Nov 5th '22
I like green teas, but this one just has a gingery taste I’m not fond of
Nov 2nd '22
I cold brew almost everything now, and I would’ve preferred this one without the cinnamon. The pomegranate flavor is OK, and I get that they were maybe going for a mulled wine kind of feel but it just didn’t hit the right notes for me.
Oct 24th '22
Not bad as far as chocolatey black teas go. Although if it was up to me I would just steep the cacao nibs themselves!
Oct 14th '22
You’re probably buying Yerba mate more for the effect than for the flavor, but that said, Adagio’s Yerba mate is fresh and everything you’d expect.
Oct 9th '22
I’m a big Earl Grey fan, especially when it’s combined with other flavors - and Bella Luna is one of the best!
Oct 8th '22
I’m not the biggest rooibos fan but the flavor of the caramel is really good with the syrupy Rooibos


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