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photo of Izzet
by K. Ryan
citron green, peppermint
photo of Tezzeret
Score: 99
by Becky Bradley
lapsang souchong, gunpowder, yerba mate
photo of Gideon Jura
Gideon Jura
by Becky Bradley
irish breakfast, apricot

Signature Blends

photo of Hongjoong
by Tylar Farmer
lychee rose green, lemongrass, green rooibos
photo of Seonghwa
by Tylar Farmer
lapsang souchong, pu-erh dante, spearmint
photo of Yeosang
by Tylar Farmer
white eternal spring, hojicha, chamomile


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Latest Reviews

Nov 23rd '20
Ya got the blue color that turns purple, ya got the sweetness and fragrant fruits, ya got the no-caffeine which is great for putting you straight to bed. It s a masterpiece.
Aug 23rd '20
The taste of this one did not differ substantially from that of stock Earl Grey, but that is for the better. The subtle coconut flavor enhances the taste of the bergamot. I am not sure how this flavor represents the moon, but it still was delicious!
Aug 3rd '20
This is one of my favorite teas. I love Rooibos, I love Earl grey. Together, they are delicious. Perfect for when you want earl grey without the caffeine.
Aug 3rd '20
I love this tea. Earl grey and green tea is such an odd idea but works so well. The flavors compliment each other and you truly get the best of each tea s flavor.
Aug 3rd '20
I love earl grey and this is quite good. My only hangup with it is that the lavender does overpower the bergemot a tad. Still a delicious choice. Steeping for a bit less than 5 minutes helped balance the flavors a bit more.
Aug 3rd '20
This is such a unique, delicious tea. It is truly warming to the soul. It is not overpowering in flavor.
Jul 10th '20
There s not much to say about this one. It s earthy, almost swampy, and so soothing.
Jul 10th '20
An excellent selection of Earl Grey teas. My favorite was the green tea earl grey, but all of them were so varied and delicious, I had a hard time choosing.
Jul 10th '20
A delicious Oolong that really hits the spot. Fragrant and tasty.