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golden monkey
Rating: 95
32¢ / cup
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pu-erh dante
Rating: 90
20¢ / cup
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pu-erh poe
Rating: 90
40¢ / cup

Signature Blends

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Score: 90
by Kayleigh Ta...
spiced apple chai, rooibos caramel, rooibos cinnamon apple
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Score: 99
by Kayleigh Ta...
strawberry, chocolate chip, summer rose
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Score: 99
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citron green, wild strawberry


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Latest Reviews

Jul 1st '20
I have several tea pots that were meant for teabags and don't work well with loose leaves since they don't have an infuser basket, and this is exactly what I needed!
Jul 1st '20
This is extremely helpful for measuring out the perfect amount of tea every time!
Jun 28th '20
This is such a great selection of teas! My family loves all of them!
Jun 27th '20
This is super convenient and quick! The only thing is that I didn't expect them to be liquid instead of a powder, so they take up a lot more space in my cabinet than I expected. Other than that they're great!
Jun 27th '20
My family loves this tea! Perfect for summer, I’m glad we got some!
Jun 21st '20
My mom loves this tea iced, it's a nice refreshing treat after a day of working in the sun!
Jun 21st '20
My family loves the Vanilla Oolong! It's just sweet enough, and deliciously full bodied.
Jun 21st '20
The CommuniTEA is an amazing space to try new teas and gain more of a palette and vocabulary for tea, and to figure out what exactly you like!
Jun 21st '20
English Breakfast has always been my go to, but this is the best English Breakfast I've ever had! Wonderfully full bodied and goes great with a splash of milk.
Jun 21st '20
My teapot arrived with the spout broken and Adagio replied within the hour to add a brand new teapot to an order I had just made. It even came with extra bubble wrap to make sure it got home safe! The teapot works great, and the customer service is amazing.
Jun 21st '20
I'm not a huge fan of matcha, but I thought I'd try this. The matcha taste was very strong and overpowered the chocolate for sure, so if you like matcha I would definitely try this!
Jun 21st '20
These tins are so cute and work great, they're amazing for the price! I love the different colors, and just the right amount of tea fits in each one.
Jun 21st '20
My family loves this pitcher! It's super easy to use and clean and makes pretty great tasting tea!
Jun 21st '20
I'm not a huge fan of key lime, but my boyfriend is, and he loved this tea! We tried it hot, but I'm sure it would be just as good cold.
Jun 20th '20
Delicious with hints of fruity pebbles in the after taste! I love this blend and I’m so glad I was able to snag it!
Jun 20th '20
This is a great tea for right before bed. Just the perfect amount of sweet and comforting!
Jun 19th '20
We usually make this iced, and it’s so refreshing. Perfectly peachy!
Jun 18th '20
Amazing! I’ve had other brands but nothing stands up to this. I drunk it every morning!
Jun 18th '20
I steeped this in my Adagio Iced Tea pitcher, and it’s amazing! I add a few drops of lemon juice to bring out the mango flavor!
Jun 2nd '20
Perfect replacement for Teavana’s Recover tea! It’s super refreshing as an iced tea as well!
May 31st '20
I made this iced, and it was a
super refreshing! I ended up mixing it with homemade lemonade to get more out of it, and it was fantastic!