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photo of pu-erh hazelberry
pu-erh hazelberry
score: 94
17¢ / cup
photo of pu-erh tahiti
pu-erh tahiti
score: 91
17¢ / cup
photo of pina colada
pina colada
score: 91
15¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Rowan
Score: 99
by Andrea Hipp...
earl grey moonlight, currant, pomegranate
photo of The Green Box
The Green Box
Score: 90
by Andrea Hipp...
citron green, lychee rose green, sour apple
photo of RIP Rental
RIP Rental
Score: 95
by Andrea Hipp...
lapsang souchong, fiery cinnamon spice, masala chai


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Latest Reviews

Oct 9th '21
A nice, light blend of all the things to help you sleep. The only problem is... The flowers are so tiny they escape all but the tea bags, leaving you chewing your tea if you use any kind of diffuser. I bought this tea for my husband to try to help him sleep, but after that first cup he refuses to touch it unless we get it in tea bags. Otherwise, it has a nice mouth-feel, a relaxing aroma, and with a bit of honey makes for a good cuppa before bed.
Oct 9th '21
Do you like cough syrup? Then this is the tea for you! The fake cherry flavor is VERY prominent in this one, no matter how hot or cool or long or short I steep it. From the moment you open it to the last drop, it tastes like cough syrup, and that flavor only gets stronger if you add sweetener! Ditch the cherry flavoring, PLEASE, and use only dried cherries! It should be tart, not cloyingly sweet! I'd also drop the hibiscus - it doesn't blend well with the cherry. For a good cherry pie flavor, switch it out for creme or a *very* light vanilla.
Oct 9th '21
This tea is... okay. It has far too much cranberry flavor, and not enough actual elderberry taste to it. It's an odd balance of trying to stay light but being murky too - get rid of the trying to be light part and it would do a lot better. Drop the apple and lemongrass, add more elderberry, and drop the rosehips for blackberry pieces. To me, elderberry wine should be more on the tart side.
Sep 1st '21
A beautifully light, aromatic blend that is supremely soothing. This tea helps me wind down with a good audiobook or podcast for sleep on those nights where sleep seems difficult to attain. A small dot of desert wild honey for sweetness and I am out like a light!
Sep 1st '21
A definitive favorite in my household - it is the perfect blend of light and fruity that we love for summer drinking! We steep ut then cool it in the fridge to drink over ice, and sometimes add a little homemade lavendar simple syrup for a sweet taste!
Sep 1st '21
So good I had to buy it again! I only bought a sample size this time because my kid wanted to try it before we invest in a big box of it. Smooth, warm, delicious - this one tastes SO mych like mom's banana nut bread! A perfect morning or afternoon or anytime tea to drink!