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photo of Christmas Apple Cider
Christmas Apple Cider
Score: 95
by Woodie Barn...
orange, spiced apple chai, cranberry
photo of Holiday Egg Nogg:
Holiday Egg Nogg:
Score: 93
by Woodie Barn...
cinnamon, cream, vanilla
photo of     Holiday White Chocolate
Holiday White Chocolate
Score: 94
by Woodie Barn...
chocolate, cream, vanilla

Signature Blends

photo of Cyrus
Score: 99
by Owlboxes
earl grey bravo, cream
photo of Therion
Score: 99
by Owlboxes
cinnamon, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of Ophilia
Score: 99
by Owlboxes
white peony, white peach


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Latest Reviews

Feb 24th '22
Tastes just like Christmas! I loved this blend, it was so nice and warm! @adagioteas
Nov 10th '21
Honestly not a lot sweeter than the usual matcha sticks that I get, but there s a little something! They re very tasty. @adagioteas
Jun 13th '21
This unexpected flavor is really very tasty, the cherry flavor is so nice.
Jun 13th '21
I love the mellow but citrusy flavor of this one, definitely refreshing!
Jun 13th '21
Creamy and full of fruit flavor. Surprisingly good with milk.
Jun 13th '21
This tea is rich and incredibly tasty. Would definitely recommend.
Jun 13th '21
I really like these! They're super convenient. You just have to make sure that the matcha is well-whisked otherwise it gets lumpy.