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cherry marzipan oolong
score: 89
17¢ / cup
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white chai
score: 93
17¢ / cup
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raja oolong chai
17¢ / cup

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Buddys Blend
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cream, butterscotch, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme


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Latest Reviews

Jan 27th '22
This oolong was beautiful, floral, light, and cozy. I loved it steeped western-style and in my gaiwan.
Jan 26th '22
Another blend I was introduced to thanks to the 2021 Advent calendar, it was unlike any chair blend I had ever had, it was sweet and spiced to perfection
Jan 26th '22
I love this Spearmint herbal tisane, it has a bigger and better minty punch than the peppermint and is perfect for headaches and stomach aches. A staple in our house!
Jan 26th '22
This is one of the better rose blends that I have had. I loved how floral forward this blend was without overpowering the black tea base.
Jan 26th '22
I love the communiTEA every time I get it, I get to try so many blends and interact in the tea community.
Jan 26th '22
Creamy and delicious, the best flavor comparison I can do is the creme flavor on the tiger pop or White Rabbit candy. This blend is malty and creamy, a perfect start to any day or added to another blend.
Jan 26th '22
I only tried the Ripe for Romance and it was very similar to Valentine's blend but the addition of the raspberry leaves made it a bit too bitter for my taste.
Jan 26th '22
I really loved this blend, I, however, did not give it a 5/5 because I preferred it cold brewed or iced much better than hot. I just don't tend to enjoy fruity teas hot.
Jan 26th '22
I Really enjoyed this blend, almost as much as I love Valentine's Day itself. I was skeptical at first because I know how perfectly rose and strawberry pair well together, especially with a black tea base. It was the Chocolate that threw me a bit off. I was so shocked when I tried this blend for the first time.. it was amazing! The rose cuts the sweetness perfectly with a subtle floral kick and it was just the coziest blend for a cozy night in reading romance novels or watching from coms.
Jan 26th '22
I originally tried this blend from the advent calendar in 2021, I really didn't think I would enjoy it because I am not usually one for fruitier blends but this one.. was perfect. It wasn't too sweet or too tart, it was a perfect blend of both. The apple really balances everything out perfectly.
Jan 26th '22
This blend is so good, The only downside aka why it didn't get a 5/5 is because I seriously wish there was a caffeinated version. Although I love the honeybush, I think that a black tea base could've carried the banana flavor a bit better.
Jan 26th '22
This blend is so comforting and cozy for the bitterly cold winter nights here in NY. The closest thing I can compare the flavor to is a slightly cinnamon-laced hazelnut brittle that is just perfect for a sweet and decadent treat.
Jan 19th '22
A great breakfasty blend for a brunch tea selection. This blend is perfect because you get the fruity blueberry, maple syrup, and rooibos themselves. I love that you can still taste the rooibos without it being overpowering.
Jan 19th '22
I have reordered this blend twice! I originally got it in the Advent Calendar for 2021 and I fell in love with it so much I broke my buying ban. This blend is a nice smooth, milky oolong with sweet maple and cozy spices. Perfect for a cozy night in.
Jan 19th '22
Absolutely a beautiful tea! I personally don't drink so I can't exactly say whether or not it tastes like bourbon, however, I can say it is full of a malty, creamy vanilla flavor with a hint of butterscotch/rum. I adored this blend made hot and ice but I preferred it iced.