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photo of earl grey moonlight
earl grey moonlight
Rating: 96
15¢ / cup
photo of coconut
15¢ / cup
photo of chocolate truffle
chocolate truffle
Rating: 95
15¢ / cup

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photo of Cold brew Magic
Cold brew Magic
by Miranda McL...
blackberry, kona pineapple
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Score: 90
by Miranda McL...
assam melody, spiced apple chai
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blood orange, peach bellini


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Messages for miranda:

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Jun 5th 2020 | Public Msg
Andrea said:
Happy Birthday, Miranda!
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Jun 4th 2021 | Public Msg
Carrie said:
Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Latest Reviews

Jul 26th '20
Good black tea- similar to other fruity flavored black teas
Jul 24th '20
Pretty good black tea with fruit accents
Jul 18th '20
Good- I had this with a splash of milk
Jul 16th '20
I iced this, and it was good- I think it would be better cold brewed
Jul 13th '20
Not good not bad- had this iced
Jul 13th '20
Great to sweeten up any tea!
Jul 11th '20
Cold brewed this and it is not my favorite but it is also not terrible
Jul 10th '20
This is tasty! Almond joy almost
Jul 8th '20
This tea is really good and fruity.
Jul 7th '20
This one is good, I added a little milk, this would make a good latte as well
Jul 5th '20
Nothing really stood out for me with this one
Jul 4th '20
This is a good black tea- great with milk :)
Jul 3rd '20
Not good in my opinion- had this iced. I'm not a big fan of straight green teas but I got this in the communitea.
Jun 29th '20
Really good cold brewed- strong flavor
Jun 28th '20
Good plain black tea, I had this with cashew milk- awesome way to wake up
Jun 24th '20
This is good, but did not really stand out.
Jun 24th '20
This is great for iced lattes I add a little maple syrup and its amazing
Jun 23rd '20
Very good cold brewed, the coconut is great in this
Jun 20th '20
This makes a good iced latte very good and would be good hot too
Jun 20th '20
I love this tea cold brewed so refreshing and yummy
Jun 19th '20
This is good- not a favorite- but good.
Jun 19th '20
Made this as an iced latte maybe i should make it stronger next time, but this was okay
Jun 19th '20
I cold steep this and just drink as is- really refreshing on a hot day
Jun 17th '20
This was so relaxing and delicious! I will probably be getting a bigger bag soon!
Jun 16th '20
This is okay, I used two sticks for about 16 oz and it was strong enough, just wish it was a little more peachy
Jun 14th '20
This is good, I wish there was more mango, didn't really taste it
Jun 12th '20
I love this and want to get all the other flavors ( I am going to need more cupboard space)
Jun 12th '20
These work very well, and hold a good amount of tea
Jun 12th '20
Good shirt, I will probably order more in different colors
Jun 12th '20
Make this as an iced latte- it tastes just like coconut cream pie
Jun 11th '20
Not bad this one you can taste the citrus and it is pretty good cold brewed
Jun 10th '20
Tastes just like the name, very sour apple, this is good but I do not think it is a favorite
Jun 10th '20
This was a bit disappointing to be honest. There really was not any flavor and kinda felt like I was drinking water. Wish there was more mango flavor
Jun 10th '20
Really did not think I would like this, but wanted to try it all the same, but was surprised and loved this! The lime is really good in this and now I want a bigger bag! (i cold steeped this)
Jun 9th '20
So cute, the colors match and is overall a great favor
Jun 9th '20
I really love this tea I just wish it the fruit was a bit stronger
Jun 8th '20
This tastes like a smartie candy, it is very good, but very tart
Jun 8th '20
This is good not something I would reach for, has a lot of spice
Jun 8th '20
I cold steeped this and it is really good, Next time I want to add a little honey as this tea is tart. Very refreshing
Jun 7th '20
You can taste the grapefruit which is good, just not something I would normally reach for.
Jun 6th '20
Very good, I like the original as well, I cold brew this, sometimes I add a splash of lemonade.
Jun 4th '20
Really like this fruity tea- I love all fruity teas and this one is fantastic!
Jun 3rd '20
Really good however its like they just added blueberries to honey bush banana nut, they are very similar
Jun 3rd '20
Very large but work great I hate even the slightest tea leaves getting in my drink, so these are great