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Latest Reviews

Oct 18th '20
Just like apple cider! Even my husband who is not a tea drinker enjoyed the tea.
Sep 14th '20
oe it. A wonderfully peachy flavor, but it does not mask the oolong flavor. A definate must.
Sep 14th '20
I received a sample and it became a favorite. The delicate flavor of white tea is accented by the chai.
Aug 19th '20
Fun and something to look for each day, but too many teas contained cocoa to which I am allergic.
Aug 19th '20
Wonderful. Easy to use. Since it is so hot I go though a picture a day so am thinking of getting another.
Aug 19th '20
Small but perfect for my new tea bar. I don t take anything in my tea, but have to search for sugar and creamer when I have guests now I can keep it on my tea bar.
Mar 12th '20
Light green tea with wonderful floral notes. A great tea for a mid-morning break.
Mar 10th '20
Wonderful. Like drinking a glass of orange juice without the caloties.
Mar 10th '20
The perfect way to measure tea. There is no wondering if your spoon is the size suggested in the instructions.
Mar 9th '20
A perfect oolong. Just what I am looking for in an oolong.
Mar 8th '20
There was no raspberry or current flavor. It was simply a strong cup of tea. Very disappointing.
Mar 7th '20
While not as strong of vegetal flavor of green tea, the flavor remains. It is a good option for those who do not like green tea.
Mar 5th '20
Perfect for making a cup of evening tea for two. The style fits in everywhere.
Feb 22nd '20
The tea has the delicious aroma of mulled apple cider but this impression did not follow through the flavor. It was a nice chia but I could not detect any apple flavor.
Feb 22nd '20
Nice for making your own tea blends. Holds the flavor much better than powdered cinnamon.
Feb 22nd '20
Has a bit of a musty powdery flavor and no other flavor.
Feb 22nd '20
Nice but the cinnamon is a bit strong. Good for no caffeine.
Feb 16th '20
I am not a rooibos lover, but was looking for something caffeine free so I decided to try this tea. It smelled like warm cinnamon buns with icing and the taste followed through. This tea makes a lovely addition to my afternoon collection.
Feb 16th '20
Perfect size he refrigerator shelf. The lid removes and makes it easy to clean.
Feb 16th '20
Wonderful color. It was the center of my Valentine decorations.