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photo of earl grey bella luna
earl grey bella luna
15¢ / cup
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15¢ / cup
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ti kuan yin
35¢ / cup

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photo of Maple Bacon
Maple Bacon
Score: 99
by Rebekah Str...
lapsang souchong, cream, maple creme oolong
photo of Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie
Score: 99
by Rebekah Str...
hazelnut, rooibos caramel, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Score: 80
by Rebekah Str...
cream, maple creme oolong, rooibos vanilla


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Messages for Rebekah:

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Aug 29th 2020 | Public Msg
Valerie said:
I got the Chocolate Sprinkles free from the spin of the dial. I decided to try it this morning, since the CommuniTea sample for today will be better to drink later. Your blend is delicious! I am really enjoying it. I added 1/2 teaspoon of stevia sweetener and a good amount of heavy whipping cream, and I am so happy drinking this. I guess I cannot write a review, since I only got the sample tin. But I wanted you to know how much I really like it! Bravo! (I may have to try some of your other Christmas cookie blends, especially as my birthday is in December)
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Dec 13th 2020 | Public Msg
Hong said:
That looks tasty! 😋
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Jan 11th 2021 | Public Msg
Valerie said:
Thank you for all you do in your job! I pray for the medical workers like you everyday. Covid has become personal, my 87 year old mother in law just got hospitalized Sunday and turns out she has it, and my 89 year old father in law tested positive today. My husband and I are negative as of today, but there is no one else to help these wonderful people, who still live in their own condo, so we have been the ones helping them last week. Sigh! we will have to get tested again in 10 days.
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Jan 12th 2021 | Public Msg
Valerie said:
Thank you. Stay safe!

Latest Reviews

Feb 27th '21
I really liked this one, however, it wasn't very mango - just sort of 'fruit.' Nonetheless, it was quite tasty.
Feb 25th '21
Very peachy, and a nice mild alternative to black tea. Add just a touch of sugar.
Feb 20th '21
A good unique chai. The arabica leaves add a bit of oomph to an already good mix.
Feb 18th '21
Greens are not my favorite, but this one lacks the 'grass' flavor many have and the undercurrent of smoke makes it unique.
Feb 16th '21
Mildly lemony, mildly grassy. Mild is the operative. I wasn't sure this had changed the color of the water at all, but it was decent.
Feb 15th '21
Sad to say I'm not a fan. This is extremely perfumy and the overwhelming floral is too much.
Feb 14th '21
All the players are present in this blend; however, it would have been a 5-star review with just a hint more strawberry.
Feb 13th '21
A great tea sweetened, good both hot and cold. Very peachy without being overbearing and well balanced.
Feb 11th '21
Not bad, but not to my tastes. I prefer my cuppa be warm and relaxing, not a fiery inferno. Dial back the heat and it'd be pretty good.
Feb 10th '21
If you like chamomile you'll love this tea. If not, you're better off picking another. I like lemongrass and mint together, but its too much chamomile for me.
Feb 5th '21
This is a really mellow, smooth tea. Very good for unwinding after a long day at the clinic. lightly floral, close to jasmine but not quite the same.
Feb 4th '21
Not horrible, just not my cuppa. Tastes a bit like drinking bark.
Feb 3rd '21
This is a very grassy green that tastes a bit like seaweed. A bit of sugar helped me like it more.
Feb 1st '21
Mostly a green berry tea, I did pick up a bit of the melon flavor. More melon would take my review from 4 stars to 5.
Jan 29th '21
No smoke in mine at all. I got a mild chocolate flavor and a hint of what could be marshmallow, but no graham.
Jan 27th '21
This is delicious. Good alone, great with sugar, perfection with a touch of milk. It's going in my cart now.
Jan 26th '21
This one is a definite departure from the norm for me. Light and reminiscent of dairy.
Jan 22nd '21
This is the first time I've had sage in a tea, and I'm surprised how well it works. I'm also happy to note a definite berry flavor, rather than just generic fruity flavor.
Jan 18th '21
This is ginger tea on steroids. I'll buy again, but mostly to clear my sinuses.
Jan 12th '21
The almond aroma ad flavor are strong. A bit of cream and sugar are perfect to bring out the marzipan flavor.
Jan 11th '21
It wasn't bad, just a tad bland. I tasted the orange and mint, but they were weak.
Jan 9th '21
I don't get much tropical flavor, but it's a pleasant cup with no astringency at all. Very nice.
Jan 7th '21
I didn't care for this one, not because it's bad, but because it's boring. It's plain green tea.
Jan 5th '21
This would be a nice alternative to coffee in the morning.
Jan 4th '21
I described this to my daughter as 'Earl Grey, but less TEA.' The rooibos is mild, which makes for a pleasant cup where the other notes shine brighter.
Jan 3rd '21
The thing that surprised me most about this tea is that I don't hate it. Turmeric is the devil. This just tastes like ginger and lemon tea to me.
Dec 30th '20
Love it, love it love it. Nutty without tasting like peanut butter, with a caramel undertone.
Dec 29th '20
I'm not a fan. It tastes like I had a nice cup of good black tea, and someone dropped a mint candy into it. Great individual flavors, but not a good match.
Dec 28th '20
While not exactly a perfect for me tea, I was shocked at how authentic this tastes. The blueberry is there of course, but at the finish is something reminiscent of flour.
Dec 25th '20
A nice Christmassy black with subtle orange and spice.
Dec 24th '20
I was a bit disappointed in this one; it tastes like a weak chai. I don't think the white tea has the oomph to hold up to the bold spices, particularly the peppercorn.
Dec 23rd '20
A nice blend of apple cider and cranberry flavors, with the spices being very subtle. A hint stronger on the spices would be a 5 star review.
Dec 22nd '20
A good mint tea. The chocolate flavor is very subtle, almost not there.
Dec 21st '20
I don't know how to say this gently. I did not like this tea. It tasted and smelled weird.
Dec 20th '20
The packet smelled like a good marshmallow. The vanilla really came through hot, but didn't work well iced.
Dec 19th '20
A mellow honeybush with obvious, but not overpowering mango. Quite nice.
Dec 18th '20
Not enough ginger in my gingerbread. All I taste is tea.
Dec 17th '20
A good mild tea with strong cloves and an afterthought of cinnamon and ginger.
Dec 15th '20
So this is a good tea, but bluntly I don't get the ginger, clove, or peppercorn tastes at all. It's all about cinnamon, with a faint undercurrent of cardamom.
Dec 13th '20
The tea is do mild the toasted rice flavor really comes through. I added sugar, and it tastes like honey smacks cereal. This is a good thing.
Dec 12th '20
The first time I had this, I hated it. The spice was so strong that the pomegranate was just a slightly fruity afterthought. However, when I got a packet in my CommuniTea, I gave it a second chance. I don't know if the formula changed or what, but this one is SO much better. Much better balance and I get the full pomegranate experience.