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photo of yunnan jig
yunnan jig
score: 95
20¢ / cup
photo of buddha's dream
buddha's dream
score: 96
24¢ / cup
photo of autumn mist green
autumn mist green
score: 94
17¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Bananas Foster
Bananas Foster
Score: 99
by A. Brown
caramel, honeybush banana nut, chestnut
photo of Violet
Score: 94
by A. Brown
earl grey moonlight, earl grey lavender, lavender lemon
photo of Raspberry Chocolate Pie
Raspberry Chocolate Pie
Score: 99
by A. Brown
cream, raspberry, chocolate chip


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Latest Reviews

Mar 15th '21
Love this tea, especially for mixing with other black or oolong teas. Much prefer to rooibos vanilla!
Dec 2nd '20
One of my family's favorites, especially after coming in from the outside and trying to prevent the corona from getting in, haha! This tea has a light flavor with a good taste of ginger and hint of coconut. All the flavors work together really well. Sometimes we add a little lemon juice too. Would definitely repurchase in the future.
Dec 2nd '20
This one is okay, it does have a more artificial taste as others have described. Drinkable, but not my favorite when compared to spiced apple chai or sour apple. Also, I am kind of wary of rooibos as they tend to be hit or miss for me.
Dec 2nd '20
This one had to grow on me. At first it was just okay, but am really loving this now in the winter, especially when blended with honeybush banana nut!
Dec 2nd '20
I absolutely love this tea, especially when blended 1:1 with blueberry flavored black tea. Great with a splash of milk or as a tea latté. So great with fresh baked blueberry muffins on Sunday morning!
Dec 2nd '20
While a little bitter on its own, this is one of my favorite teas to blend with others like honeybush vanilla, peach, etc. Definitely great for dessert when mixed with other flavors!
Jul 22nd '20
Mixed this with blueberry and it was awesome. I look forward to blending it with other teas too!
Jul 22nd '20
Mixed this with almond oolong and it tastes amazing!! Love it
Jul 22nd '20
I like the flavor a lot, no slight medicinal taste like rooibos teas have. The flavor is definitely reminiscent of bananas nut muffins. However the tea is very light, even with 2 tsp of tea and a long steep time. Perhaps I will mix with a black tea to make it a little more robust. I mixed with chesnut tea, even mix, and it is much better!
Jul 21st '20
Purchased as a gift for a friend who loves chai tea!
Jul 21st '20
Beautiful color, actually preferred it hot rather than iced. But for iced I turned it into lemonade with extra sugar and lemon and my family liked it.
Jul 6th '20
Not my favorite peach tea, though my mother enjoyed it. It is not a sweet peach, has a sharp flavor in my opinion.
May 27th '20
Light flavor, fruity and sweet. I don't detect any distinct flavor from the rooibos, which is good since I don't usually like rooibos. Really good, just not one of my top favorites.
May 27th '20
Everyone in my house loves this tea. After drinking it once, we immediately bought 8 oz more that night! Light flavor, great smell; highly recommend.
May 27th '20
With a spoon of sugar, this tastes like straight butterscotch syrup!! While I wouldn't drink this on a daily basis, will definitely enjoy it when I do have a cup. Very decadent!!
May 23rd '20
I didn't care for these (chai) tea cookies so much. They break too easily and the flavor was just ok. Not bad, but not something I would eat many of. Also, kinda expensive for the amount of product.
May 23rd '20
This is an excellent tea. I love cream of earl greys, like moonlight, and I loved the hint of coconut in this one. Not overpowering, but just the right amount of flavor!
May 9th '20
The first time I made this, it had a weird aftertaste and the cream flavor was very strong. Smells very much like a lemon/graham crackers dessert though. The next time I added a few drops of lemon juice and a bit of sugar. Tastes like hot lemonade with a pleasant note of graham cracker. Really enjoyable for my evening cup of tea.
May 7th '20
Very convenient for on the go or large batches of tea. Or for when I'm just too lazy to wash my infuser everyday. Highly recommend!
Apr 30th '20
Adds a little sweetness, as expected. Couldn't really tell much of a difference from regular sugar.
Apr 29th '20
The first time I tried this, it was bitter and undrinkable. But then I steeped it for a shorter period of time, max 3-4 minutes and it was great! So just make sure to watch this tea and don't let it over steep. Smells wonderful, like froot loops!
Apr 28th '20
Excellent tea, my favorite from adagio so far. When mixed with a bit of milk and a couple spoons of sugar, great dessert tea!!
Jan 19th '20
I love the cinnamon and cloves, it's a bit heavier on the cloves. With a couple spoons of lemon sugar, it's really good. Would drink again.