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photo of Spinel
Score: 99
by Ariana T
white strawberry, wild strawberry
photo of Malachite
Score: 90
by Ariana T
spearmint, watermelon cooler
photo of Peridot
by Ariana T
chamomile, lemongrass, spearmint

Signature Blends

photo of DragonFruit Dream
DragonFruit Dream
by Amanda C
dragon fruit dream, honeybush vanilla, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Summer bliss
Summer bliss
Score: 99
by Amanda C
raspberry patch, dragon fruit dream, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Lapis 2.0
Lapis 2.0
Score: 99
by Amanda C
berry blues, rooibos vanilla, green rooibos blueberry


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Latest Reviews

Aug 21st '21
This honey is good, my boyfriend really liked it !!!
Aug 21st '21
Officially my favorite green tea flavor I am hooked on this
Aug 21st '21
I loved this tea cold or hot but truly it was such a unique but awesome flavor
Aug 21st '21
Perfect for teas but also perfect with some apple slices!
Aug 21st '21
SUPER GOOD. I love to use it in my green teas!!!!!!
Aug 21st '21
The perfect name for this flavor! It is perfect in the mornings or at night!
Jan 31st '21
LOVE this tea, it goes perfect when I mix it with my summer bliss tea! Honestly, makes for a very unique flavor!
Jul 11th '20
Honestly I love this. I was recommended by a friend and I will never go back to another kettle!!!