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photo of pi lo chun
pi lo chun
score: 92
32¢ / cup
photo of Kyoya Ootori
Kyoya Ootori
by Artemis
white blueberry, citron green, peppermint
photo of Tomoe
by Laikachi
lapsang souchong, almond, ginger

Signature Blends

photo of Ritsuka
Score: 97
by Kaybhee
vanilla, blueberry, gingerbread
photo of Mafuyu
Score: 99
by Kaybhee
assam melody, vanilla, spiced apple chai
photo of Japanese Salary Man
Japanese Salary Man
Score: 99
by Kaybhee
caramel, cream, mocha nut mate


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Latest Reviews

Apr 12th '22
One of my favourite meal teas, tastes fresh and a hint of smokey
Apr 12th '22
Like a comfy breakfast, definitely one of my new favs
Apr 12th '22
Such a tasty tea, i have it after my meals. The orange and chocolate really pair well
Oct 28th '21
Like ferrero rocher without the chocolate, such a great tea!!
Oct 28th '21
Like pancakes with maple syrup, such a great tea!!
Jul 30th '21
A refreshing tea that has become my staple after big meals
Jul 30th '21
Great afternoon tea, perfect for after lunch, not too strong
Jul 24th '20
omg i love this tea! its so delicious and satisfying. tastes even better with every brew <3
Jul 20th '20
One of my new favourite oolongs. Great aroma and taste
Jul 20th '20
Such a lovely fruity oolong tea. Each time i steep it, its even more delicious!
Jun 24th '20
Good earthy tea with a hint of fruity flavour, good as a dessert tea
Jun 24th '20
Such a tasty earl grey tea! Not too strong, goes down smooth
May 21st '20
A great nutty mate with a hint of chocolate and mocha, soothing dessert tea
May 11th '20
Floral and sweet tasting, good cup of tea to end a night
May 7th '20
Chocolate and strawberry flavours? yes please, so tasty and feel good
May 7th '20
Mmm... just like a warm batch of banana bread. Delicious!
May 7th '20
If you like Turtles, this tea is just for you! Taste so similar to the candy
May 7th '20
Love this tea! Reminds me of a box of chocolate truffles during valentines
May 7th '20
Perfect cup of tea to go with my meals. My favourite rice tea <3