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photo of brigadoon breakfast
brigadoon breakfast
available Feb 2024
photo of earl grey bella luna
earl grey bella luna
12¢ / cup
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tangerine tuxedo
Rating: 91
71¢ / cup

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Blue Potion
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blackberry, berry blues, currant


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Latest Reviews

Oct 19th '19
The tea itself smells just like any other earl grey I have had with the addition of some coconut notes. I brewed it strong (2:1 serving) because I usually like to make earl grey milk teas and I want to make sure that I can taste the flavors along side the creaminess of the milk. By itself and fairly strong I was able to taste the citrus notes and then a lingering flavor of coconut at the end. It was actually quite pleasant and had no bitterness or even astringent aftertaste. I think it pairs nicely alongside milk or cream as well as enhances the coconut flavor a bit. (especially if you are into experimenting with using a nut milk in your tea as well, however if using coconut milk be warned that it will really taste like an earl grey colada with some powerful coconut flavor lol.) Definitely different than the earl grey teas I am used to but I think I actually like it quite a bit. I am sure I will enjoy finishing off this tin.
Oct 13th '19
The aroma from before steeping smelled like a sweet and subtle vanilla. When I brewed it the smell grew and was actually pleasant. However the taste was a lot lighter than I was expecting initially. Light on the vanilla and even by itself there was no real need to add much if any sweetener. I tried it without anything and with a tiny drop of honey. It isn't bad at all but I would probably save this one for days where I want a tea to compliment a light snack or dessert rather than have it on its own.