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photo of christmas teas
christmas teas
Rating: 96
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Signature Blends

photo of Carmilla
Score: 99
by Suzanne Rot...
pu-erh spice, fiery cinnamon spice, chocolate chai
photo of Vampires Kiss
Vampires Kiss
by Suzanne Rot...
valentines, summer rose, honeybush chocolate
photo of Suzannes Black Forest
Suzannes Black Forest
Score: 99
by Suzanne Rot...
chocolate, cream, berry blast


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Latest Reviews

Aug 22nd '21
This is the absolute best iced tea of the bunch! The beautiful color doesn t hurt, either.
Aug 22nd '21
Tastes just like strawberry! We have really been enjoying this tea over the hot summer months.
Aug 22nd '21
Yummy, delicate but also spicy. The combination of floral and spicy notes makes for a delectable, Halloween-worthy blend.
Aug 22nd '21
Very tasty, though not as evocative of banana bread as I would have liked.
Aug 22nd '21
Great match taste, sweet, grassy, and flavorful. My one issue is I wish it was not so dense.
Aug 22nd '21
One of my most inspired blends. I know I m a bit biased here, but this blend is truly rich and delicious. It also offers the romantic, victorian notes I was hoping for when creating this blend.