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photo of maple creme oolong
maple creme oolong
17¢ / cup
photo of autumn mist green
autumn mist green
17¢ / cup
photo of rooibos cocomint
rooibos cocomint
score: 93
12¢ / cup

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photo of Anna Kyoyama
Anna Kyoyama
by Melissa Wells
foxtrot, sour apple, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of Iron Maiden Jeanne
Iron Maiden Jeanne
by Melissa Wells
earl grey lavender, white peony, honeybush vanilla
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Tao Jun
by Melissa Wells
green chai, hojicha, dragon fruit dream


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Oct 3rd 2021 | Public Msg
Sue said:
Melissa, Very cool way to organize the tea packets.
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Oct 4th 2021 | Public Msg
Sue said:
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Oct 4th 2021 | Public Msg
Sue said:
Good morning Melissa. Loving your action photo today.

Latest Reviews

Dec 11th '21
If I'm being honest, peppermint tea isn't my favorite on it's own. It's tasty, for sure, but I prefer it alongside fruit for a refreshing drink, or chocolate for something more decadent. Especially a Christmas-y candy cane tea! It's good but not a go-to.
Dec 9th '21
While not bad, I think a more robust black tea pairs better with spices than green tea. Perhaps good to taste the spices on their own.
Dec 7th '21
Such a warm, comfortable flavor! Nutty and toasty with a hint of chocolate. I expected it to just be ok, but I love this!
Dec 6th '21
I'm not a fan of Earl grey or bergamot on their own, but I do find they pair nicely with fruit and vanilla flavors. Not my first choice but I wouldn't turn it away.
Dec 4th '21
Sweet and subtle, and surprisingly less rich and decadent as other chocolate teas I've had. Not a bad thing! Good for a chocolate fix without going overboard.
Dec 3rd '21
A tangy tea that was delightful when cold steeped overnight. Had a sweet berry flavored undertone under the tartness. I haven't had it hot, but I imagine it would be just as good, especially if blended with a green or black tea.
Dec 2nd '21
Not only am I usually not a fan of the sickly sweet spice of 'hot cinnamon', but there was barely any actual black tea in my sample. It seemed to mostly be bits of cinnamon bark. Wonderful, I'm sure, if you like that, but unfortunately it's not for me.
Oct 29th '21
10/29/21; This is hands down one of my favorite teas from Adagio. Still great a year later, and every time I drink it. This is a very pleasant tea that is absolutely perfect for those sweet cravings. Steeped at 190 degrees F for 3 minutes, with a second steep for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Maple flavor is very prominent in my CommuniTea pack.
Oct 24th '21
Not as big on today's tea. Mate is far from my favorite tea base, and I tend to like it more in fresher, fruit flavored teas. I'll sip this tea since I have it brewed but might not end up finishing the cup.
Oct 23rd '21
A very mild fruity flavor, with the tartness of the hibiscus coming through more than the flavor of the apple. It's pleasant enough on it's own, but would be better paired with another tea, or perhaps even melted caramel in place of regular sugar. By itself like this, it might be better iced.
Oct 21st '21
Fantastic tea! Comparable to the maple creme oolong in flavor, sweet and desserty without being too much. The fruity flavors aren't prominent, but add a light sweet aftertaste that boosts the rest of the flavors up.
Oct 19th '21
This tea is neither good nor bad. I suspect if you love plain black tea, you'll love this one. It's mild with a slight sweetness to it. I, however, don't prefer my black teas without some sort of flavor, so I'll have to pass on this one.
Oct 18th '21
While I've had teas I dislike more, this tea just didn't do it for me. I like it enough to finish my single cup but not enough to be excited to do so. Very middling tea, and almost too sweet.
Oct 16th '21
A general spicy scent comes from the dry leaves, but the brewed tea is interesting. Pu-erh has a fishy/savory flavor, and I can note that scent and flavor in the tea, but it quickly turns into a sweet, cookie like flavor with a pleasant spice.
Oct 14th '21
Oct 14th '21: Since I got another pack of this tea in my Communitea box, I decided to try it cold steeped like I wanted to last year. My verdict: not as good as it was hot. There's an artificial, syrupy taste to the tea, though with a mellow and almost pleasant after taste. My five star rating still stands, be definitely recommend it hot instead. Oct 13th '20: This tea has a wonderful fruity flavor to it, and I would love to try it iced or cold-steeped. There is a slight bitter note to it, not unlike an actual blackberry. For anyone finding the bitter flavor overpowering, I would recommend steeping this tea(and all black teas, really) at 195 degrees F/90 degrees C instead of at a full boil like Adagio recommends. Even black teas can burn if the water is too hot, I find them all much better when brewed at a slightly lower temperature.
Oct 13th '21
I cold-steeped this tea overnight with two pieces of rock sugar and drank it chilled. When opening the packet, pear and apple scents practically knocked me over. Very fresh and fruity. The brewed tea has a similar scent, though slightly more candy-like. The flavor is light, fresh, fruity, and refreshing. I really think cold-brewing is the way to go with this tea.
Oct 11th '21
The slightly sweet nuttiness of almond pairs wonderfully with the earthy nuttiness of oolong. Great tea!
Oct 9th '21
I'm not that big on pure green teas like this, but this one surprised me. There's a natural sweetness to it, and it has a vegetal taste without being too grassy. It doesn't have an overpowering flavor of ginger, and I don't really detect the spicy zing some ginger flavored things have, which I like. Over all, wouldn't be my first choice, but would still drink again if the opportunity comes.
Oct 8th '21
Not super impressed with this tea. It's ok, but won't seek it out again.
Oct 6th '21
I really don't like this tea. There's a medicinal flavor to it that I associate with a disgusting throat numbing spray I once used as a child. I know the flavor comes from the Lapsang Souchong, and maybe if this blend didn't have that, and I used a smokey tea I know I like in it's place, I could actual like this tea. Unfortunately, this one is not for me whatsoever.
Oct 5th '21
Opening the packet, I barely got any scent of cinnamon. The brew itself mostly tasted like black tea. The flavor wasn't bad, it just wasn't cinnamon. Even as someone looking for a lighter/sweeter cinnamon flavor, it just wasn't there for me. Ended up mixing in some brown sugar and powdered cinnamon from my pantry just to get some cinnamon flavor in there.
Oct 1st '21
Oct. 1, 2021 3.5, to be exact. The scent of vanilla is sweet but not overpowering when you open the packet, and gets more subtle after steeping. The flavor, however comes through entirely in the tea itself. It's almost too sweet! Definitely recommend this one without sugar.
Oct 23rd '20
I didn't taste any of the fruity notes the tea is purported to have, but it was still very pleasant. It's earthy, with a subtle smoky flavor not unlike tobacco. Better than it sounds, especially if you're a fan of oolongs.


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