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photo of assam harmony
assam harmony
score: 94
30¢ / cup
photo of darjeeling puttabong summer
darjeeling puttabong summer
score: 94
39¢ / cup
photo of spring darjeeling
spring darjeeling
score: 93
35¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Codsworth
Score: 99
by Mister Mort...
chocolate chip, rooibos vanilla chai, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Scorpion
by Mister Mort...
white peony, ginseng green, lemongrass
photo of Benny
Score: 99
by Mister Mort...
black cherry, summer rose, gunpowder


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Latest Reviews

Oct 28th '21
I wish this blend was included in the custom blend options, I feel like it would hold flavors pretty well and balance out stronger tatses.
Oct 28th '21
I'm a big fan of the smooth and rich taste of darjeeling teas. This one is pleasantly mild and pairs very well with simple desserts.
May 10th '21
sweeter than I was expecting it to be, but pleasantly so. I wish they would add darjeeling as an option for custom blends cause this would be amazing with some rose
Sep 13th '20
I've waited so long to find a proper orchid tea :0c. There's a subtle crisp sweetness that you cn only get from flowers
Jul 27th '20
I love jasmine tea and this blend does not disappoint. It's a lot sweeter than i'd thought it be, and that's not a bad thing.
Jul 27th '20
Ok so I love jasmine teas, its probably my favorite simple flavor, so you can image how excited I was to see a sampler with just jasmine teas in it. The chun ho is the first I tried and its wonderfully smooth and mellow.
Jul 25th '20
You can't go wrong with Oolong. This makes for an enjoyable cup anytime.