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score: 96
Jan 20th -
Feb 18th
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Score: 99
by Lottie Lurker
earl grey moonlight, almond, chamomile

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Sassy Katy
by Kristen Yo...
cinnamon, hazelnut, spiced apple chai
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Mommys wake up juice
by Kristen Yo...
earl grey moonlight, almond, chamomile


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Latest Reviews

Jun 6th '20
I have a new favorite herbal tea! Love the lemon taste and the lavender smelled divine!
Feb 15th '20
LOVE this tea! it really does relax you and help you sleep. Tastes great too.
Aug 17th '19
Definitely Cinnamon. Truthfully, it tastes like some tea with half a bottle of cinnamon mixed with it.
Aug 17th '19
My FAVORITE tea so far! Perfect tea for morning wake up. Love the Apple flavor with hints of cinnamon and cloves
Aug 17th '19
My favorite in this box is the thai chai and the gaucho mate chai. The Jump Start tea was tasty too, but apparently has a lot more caffeine in it as I couldn't go to sleep that night (after drinking it first thing in the morning). The Matcha peach was ok but could be more peachy in my opinion. Did not like the Irish breakfast tea as it tasted too much like unflavored tea (I prefer herbal)