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photo of double-wall bones
double-wall bones
score: 98
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photo of Russian Caravan Experiment
Russian Caravan Experiment
by Ben Troelstra
lapsang souchong, irish breakfast, mambo
photo of Canadian Caravan
Canadian Caravan
Score: 99
by Ben Troelstra
lapsang souchong, mambo, maple creme oolong
photo of Curious Tea
Curious Tea
by Ben Troelstra
pu-erh dante, gunpowder, hojicha


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Jan 29th '21
Very floral with hints of jasmine, Easter lily, roses, petunias and maybe a hint of patchouli. Reminds me of the old ladies at church who wear too much of a fragrance that has fallen out of style - but this isn't too much! I see now why it's so expensive, it's almost ceremonial. This would make a delightful mead!