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score: 92
15¢ / cup
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ginger peach
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cherry marzipan oolong
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17¢ / cup

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cream, white chai, rooibos cinnamon apple
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earl grey moonlight, cream, chamomile
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forest berries, white eternal spring, foxtrot


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Latest Reviews

Mar 28th '21
Smooth and spicy, keeps a nice strong flavor even with heavy milk. Tastes mostly like a typical chai, however; I didn't get much of the coconut and lemongrass.
Mar 4th '21
Strong, satisfying ginger bite. After so many other weak ginger teas that I've tried, this one is refreshingly potent. I would have liked some of the other flavors and spices to come through as well, however—ginger was pretty much all I tasted.
Mar 2nd '21
Rooibos is definitely the dominant flavor, but it's not unpleasantly strong. I would have loved more lemon; its subtleness is almost overpowered by the rooibos. Still a tasty, smooth and slightly spicy mix of flavors.
Mar 2nd '21
Lovely and smooth without compromising on that classic Earl Grey taste! Like sipping mellow moonlight.
Feb 28th '21
I tried the matcha flavor, and I am a big matcha lover, so I was surprised to find something that was too matcha-heavy for me. The cookies taste like they're about half matcha powder, with a mealy/powdery mouthfeel as well. Dunking them in tea helps, and they're not bad. It's just a little like eating plain tea pressed into cookie form.
Feb 28th '21
Nice mellow, matcha flavor, slightly sweet, with a definite peachy accent. I've been using this to make matcha lattes, but even following the recommended proportions of powder to water at the recommended temperature, it's very difficult to get all of the powder to dissolve. I end up with a layer of goopy matcha at the bottom of my cup, but it's tasty too, so I don't mind much.
Feb 27th '21
Noticed a fairly strong medicinal aroma when opening the packet. Unfortunately, a medicinal taste lingers in the tea once brewed. I'd go as far as to say it's the dominant flavor, rather like eucalyptus. I didn't taste much mango at first, but the fruity flavor enhances as the tea cools. There is an intriguingly enjoyable subtle spice to this tea beneath the stronger flavors. I added cream and sugar because the strong aroma made me nervous, and I think I probably enjoyed it more that way than I would have on its own.