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photo of moderniTEA
score: 91
only $24
photo of Ariel
by Lily Mitchell
white tropics, kukicha, calypso green
photo of Sniff
Score: 99
by Wani
decaf vanilla, decaf spice

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photo of Master at Arms
Master at Arms
by Rian Cecil
butterscotch, chocolate chai pu-erh, gunpowder
photo of Captain First Mate
Captain First Mate
Score: 99
by Rian Cecil
lapsang souchong, maple creme oolong, honeybush vanilla
photo of Little Dreamer Boy
Little Dreamer Boy
by Rian Cecil
cinnamon, cream, chocolate chip


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Latest Reviews

Dec 11th '20
It’s really great iced, especially in the summer.
Oct 18th '19
It’s an interesting tea, the tea bags are convenient but I like really strong tea so I have to use two at once
Oct 18th '19
It does actually help relax me, I’m just not big on the taste of chamomile or I would’ve rated it highee
Aug 22nd '19
It was light and refreshing and was really really good
Jul 4th '19
I had a similar cup from teavana that broke and I was worried I wouldn’t find another one. This one is even bigger though and I can pop the lid off without worrying about whether it was meant to or not
Jul 4th '19
The sample bag didn’t quite have enough to brew a strong enough batch but it’s very good!
Apr 21st '19
It sweetens the tea without overpowering the actual flavor of it